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Furnishing Trades

You can acquire a variety of skills within furnishing trades.

Furniture making concentrates on the production of solid and free standing furniture, while cabinet making is the term given to flat panel construction of kitchen/bathroom furniture. Upholstery workers select fabric including canvas and acrylics, applying contemporary and traditional upholstery finishing techniques to upholstered furniture. Wood Machining (Timber Manufactured Products) workers set up, operate and maintain woodworking machines to cut, plane, shape and sand solid timber to the required shape and size using a wide range of machinery.

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MSF31113 J739 Cabinet Making
Certificate III Apprenticeship
On campus
Q000000, Q000017, Building, glazing, glass, J732, MSF30413, TAFE13, Building and Construction, furniture trades, cabinet, furniture, j739, msf31113, make, maker,

Do you want a trades career making cherished chairs and loved lounges, solid shelves and custom cabinets?

When you complete the Certificate III in Cabinet Making you'll be ready for a career as a furniture maker or cabinet maker.

You will gain the knowledge and skills to work effectively in the furnishing industry and learn to create furniture using using hand and power tools, industrial machinery and CNC processing centres.

The Certificate III in Cabinet Making is an apprenticeship, please see the Apprenticeships section for more information.

Gain these skills
  • Produce angled and curved furniture
  • Applying decorative surfaces
  • Selecting timber and preparing surfaces
  • Interpreting plans and measuring and calculating the right amount of materials for the job
  • Workplace health and safety
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Creative and skilled in practical and manual activities
  • Good at basic mathematical calculations
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination and keen eye for detail
  • No serious breathing problems or allergies to dust


MSF30813 J736 Flooring Technology
Certificate III Apprenticeship
On campus
Q000000, Q000017, Q000003, flooring, carpet, concrete, vinyl, timber, furnishing, flooring installer,

Join the flooring technology sector of the furnishing industry

Get the skills and knowledge required to perform flooring technology tasks. You will learn to install floors and flooring materials in commercial or residential settings.

The Certificate III in Flooring Technology is an apprenticeship, please see the Apprenticeships section for more information.

Gain these skills
  • Prepare flooring surfaces, including polished concrete floors
  • Install and finish carpet, resilient, vinyl and timber flooring materials and polished concrete floors
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Precise and careful with an aptitude for practical work
  • Comfortable working in a physical environment


MSF30113 J729 Furniture Finishing
Certificate III Apprenticeship
On campus
finisher, French, polisher, restoration, restorer, stain,lacquer, varnish, polish, polishes, repair, design, wood, antiques, timber, furniture finisher,

Polish up your skills and gain a career in furniture finishing

Refinishing or refurbishing timber products and furniture can add a sparkle to any new or old build. You'll learn about using environmentally sustainable work practices to make or renew timber products.

This apprenticeship will give you the skills required to become a furniture finisher or worker and experienced furniture finishers have a range of job opportunities open to them.

The Certificate III in Furniture Finishing is an apprenticeship, please see the Apprenticeships section for more information.

Gain these skills
  • Measure, prepare and finish timber
  • Apply stains, coatings and decorative techniques
  • Interpret plans
  • Estimate and cost jobs
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • An eye for detail
  • Good eye/hand co-ordination
  • A desire to do a precise and thorough job
  • Able to follow established procedures
  • Problem solving skills


SC-BCB-V1415 Furniture Polishing Introduction Short Course
Short course On campus
rejuvenate, old, second, hand, secondhand, second-hand, furniture, polishing, lacquer, putty, shellac, antique, restoration, restore, used, timber furniture, strip, re-finish

Breathe new life into tired treasures

This course is for anyone who wants to fix up or rejuvenate old or second hand furniture. You'll learn how to effectively and safely use lacquers, putty and shellac to carry out antique restoration of old and used furniture.

You can bring in your own timber furniture project to work on. If you dont have a project we can supply an item for you to work on but we will retain it after completion of this short course.

Gain these skills
  • Rejuvenate furniture
  • Fix scratches and dents in timber furniture
  • Strip and re-finish old furniture
  • Stain furniture correctly (one pot method/brush techniques/graining/effects)
MSF30313 J749 Timber and Composites Machining
Certificate III Apprenticeship
On campus
 Q000000, Q000017, timber, furniture, cabinetry, timber machining, composites, CNC machining, windows, doors, furnishing, flat panels,

Get into the timber machining industry

This course will provide you with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to perform timber and composites machining for the manufacture of furniture, built in and freestanding cabinetry and other timber components. You will utilise a range of static machinery as well as specialist computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery to manufacture components as specified in working drawings and cutting lists. You will also gain the fundamental knowledge required to perform machine set up, operational maintenance and basic troubleshooting.

The Certificate III in Timber and Composites Machining is an apprenticeship, please see the Apprenticeships section for more information.

Gain these skills
  • CNC machine set up
  • Use hand tools
  • Knowledge of the materials used in manufacturing
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • An interest in practical and manual skills
  • Able to undertake precise and exact work
  • Problem-solving skills and an eye for detail
  • Able to undertake strict safety requirements
SC-BCB-V1271 Woodwork Introduction
Short course On campus
V1271, Q000000, woodwork, DIY, timber, furniture, power tools, handyman, woodwork projects, NMT16073

Show off your newly found wood working skills

This short course will teach you to build your own small piece of furniture, a coffee table, toy box or bedside cabinet for example.

You'll learn how to use many of the hand tools and power tools used by a cabinet maker. During your first week you'll focus on the various power tools used in the trade, learn about their application. The safe use of tools and Workplace Health and Safety will also be covered.

You'll also cover:

  • marking out and cutting timber to size
  • methods of joining and fixing timber using glue, nails, screws and bolts
  • clamping materials together correctly
  • the use of drawer runners and other hardware
  • ornate trims and mouldings

Materials and hardware will be supplied. No previous experience required.

Dress requirements

You will need to supply your own personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses, earmuffs or ear plugs, dust mask and closed in footwear.

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