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CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media (Digital and Social)

National ID: CUA51015 State ID: AB97
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Become part of the fast paced world of digital content creation

The Diploma of Screen and Media (Digital and Social) is an innovative course designed to prepare you to work in the ever-growing industry of digital media production and management. 
The program will cover the planning, creation and publication of content (including video, photographs, graphics and audio) across digital media channels

You will learn to create content that will cut through the noise and reach your target audience through social media
You will graduate with an understanding of the changing digital landscape and the ability to generate all forms of digital content across a variety of industries

Training occurs through real-world projects, connecting with people and capturing their stories for multi-platform content versions. 

This qualification is a clear pathway to begin your career or go on to further study to university. 

  • Execute and create content
  • Online publishing
  • Writing for social platforms
  • Camera and audio
  • Photo and video production skills
  • Editing
  • Verbal and written communication with project stakeholders
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Project management

I have the following attributes:

  • A passion for telling stories 
  • A visual and creative mind
  • An interest in working with digital and social platforms
  • Willingness to collaborate on projects
  • Desire to create quality content
School Leaver Non-School Leaver AQF
Completion of WACE General or ATAR (Minimum C Grades) or equivalent Completion of WACE General or ATAR or equivalent (minimum C Grades) Certificate III

Other job titles may include:

  • Content creator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Multimedia Operator
  • Website/Blog Editor

Please note this list should be used as a guide only as job titles and qualification requirements may vary between organisations. 

Estimated Course Fee

Estimated Concession Fee

Eligible for VSL

VSL Capping

$4,950 $4,950 Yes $16,077.00

*Fee disclaimers

The fees quoted are estimates only and are for the entire course for students enrolling on a full-time basis in 2021 (fees are subject to change in 2022). Please view the full list of Fee disclaimers.

Please note fees listed include all units required to gain this qualification.  If you're a continuing student and have successfully completed a lower-level qualification that is a prerequisite for this course, you'll only pay for the units that you need to enrol in, to complete this course.

Enquiries regarding fees can be made by calling us.

T 1300 300 822

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