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Skills Ready

There's never been a better time to get into training!

Skilled workers are needed to rebuild WA businesses and communities following the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you're looking for a job, thinking about a career change, or upskilling for your own development now's the time to get skills ready. 

We’re making training affordable and accessible so you can boost your skills and be job ready as the WA economy recovers. There’s loads of study options available to you. Select one of the options below to find out how to get skills ready. 


Free* courses

Infection control

Half price* courses

Skill sets

Online courses

Get free skills ready training

That's right... free training! 

We have worked closely with WA industries, businesses and employers to find out the types of skills needed right now and for future jobs. 

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to fast track your training and get skills ready.

The free training focuses on:

  • Infection control skill sets to get you skills ready and job ready for COVID-19 safe workplace requirements — free for everyone
  • Skill sets to get you skills ready for current job opportunities as  WA's economy recovers — some are free for everyone, others are free for eligible students including displaced workers, concession students and youth up to 25 not at school.

Free* job ready skill sets

  • Persons aged 15—24 years at the time of enrolment (excluding school students)
  • Secondary school-aged persons who are not enrolled at school
  • Persons receiving the JobSeeker or JobKeeper payment
  • Persons and dependents of persons receiving the Youth Allowance, AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY
  • Persons and dependents of persons holding:
    • a pensioner concession card or Health Care Card; or
    • a Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Dependents of persons who are inmates of a custodial institution

Lower fees, local skills — half price* course fees


How would you like to get a nationally recognised and accredited qualification but pay only half-price course fees?

From tourism and hospitality to residential and commercial construction, dental assisting to commercial cookery, aged care to engineering, cyber security to automotive, business and IT, healthcare and childhood education — to name just a few — there really is something here for everyone under the Lower fees, local skills program, and this is where the jobs are!

These qualifications are matched up with the skills employers are looking for, so you'll be job ready. 

Regardless of how much the course fees for your qualification actually are, you will not pay more than the set fees cap amount per qualification or course each calendar year. 

  • All students aged 15—24 years of age are eligible for a concession course fee cap of $400 
  • For all eligible concession students, the annual course fee cap is $400 from the date the new fee applied
  • The course fee cap for non-concession students is $1,200 from the date the new fee applied.

Free infection control skill sets

Get skills ready online


Learning online can be a great, flexible way to get skills ready. Doing an online course doesn't mean you'll sitting reading a screen all by yourself, with nobody to talk to and no lecturer to help you — you'll be able to interact with your classmates and your lecturer in a virtual classroom, so you're not doing it all alone.  

Please note Some courses may require practical training and assessment for hands-on skills. 

Not sure what's right for you? We can help!

We have three Jobs and Skills Centres (JSC) at our Balga, Joondalup and Northbridge campuses.  

Whether you want a full qualification or a short course, refresh your skills or you're just getting started, our friendly JSC team will listen to your story and help you choose the best option to reach your goals. 

Because the JSCs work closely with the local community, and local industry and employers, they know where the jobs are and what's happening in your area. There's no better place to go for advice and information about training or support for your job search, and best of all their services are free. 



Here we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions about the Skills Ready program. For specific questions about specific types of Skills Ready skill sets, see the individual pages using the links above.

What is a unit of competency?

A vocational education and training (VET) qualification is made up of a number of units of competency, and each of those units has defined learning outcomes based on the skills and knowledge it covers. Each unit of competency has a set number of "nominal hours" i.e. the indicative hours required to deliver and assess the unit. 

Individual units of competency are also used to develop skill sets or short courses that target a specific skills area.

How do I apply and/or enrol in the skill sets or Lower fees, local skills qualifications?

For the free infection control skill sets, you can enrol directly on our website. Please follow the link in our course list to access the enrolment process.

For all other courses, specific application information is available on the course page.

Can I access VET student loans (VSL) for the Lower fees, local skills qualifications and/or job ready skill sets?

The Australian Government offers VET Student Loans (VSL) only for courses at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level. 

If your Lower fees, local skills qualification is at Diploma level, you may be eligible for VSL.

Because the job ready skill sets are not full qualifications, they are not eligible for VSL.

What are VET student loans?

Eligible students can apply to get a loan to pay for their fees through the Australian Government’s VET Student Loans scheme (VSL).

Under this scheme, once you’re employed and your income exceeds a set level, you start repaying the loan through the tax system.

For more information contact your training provider, visit the Australian Government's VET Student Loans website or contact the student hotline on 1800 020 108.


Page last updated September 04, 2020