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SC-MHF-V1323 Flux Core Arc Welding

National ID: SC-MHF-V1323 | State ID: SC-MHF-V1323

Learn professional techniques on steel with our Flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) course . 
You'll be trained in the use of the FCAW welding process to be able to manufacture and assemble your projects at home.

Begin by gaining the skills to recognise hazards and use welding equipment safely and learn about welding terminology and defects. You will receive demonstrations and guidance on correct technique and the opportunity to develop your FCAW skills over the duration of the course. You will be required to wear personal protective clothing/equipment at all times which includes steel capped safety boots, clear safety glasses, long drill cotton pants and cotton drill long sleeve shirt.

Courses are run over five Thursdays. For more details, please view our flyer.

Fees $505 (including GST)

How to apply

How to apply

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Delivery location, important dates and study options

Semester 2

Midland - On Campus


Fees and charges


When Semester 2, 2019
Where Midland
How On campus
Short Course
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