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Build your workforce

The right people with the right skills at the right time

We understand. You’re looking for someone who can hit the ground running, someone who has the initiative to get on with it, and someone who has a pretty clear idea about what you’re asking.

Each year we train thirty thousand students, across all walks of life, all keen to make their mark on the world. These students and graduates study in real-life environments with hands-on skills and they’re looking for you to help complete their journey.


Here’s what we can do


These students are still studying with us or have recently graduated from one of our courses.

They are trained with the skills to allow them to commence work and are seeking full-time, part-time or casual paid employment in their chosen field.

Work experience

Work experience can be undertaken by current students still completing their studies with us who are required to complete a work placement unit before they’re eligible to graduate.

Work placement students are insured by North Metropolitan TAFE for the duration of their placement. Students who are not required to complete a work placement as part of their course may still (with their lecturers approval) undertake work experience and be covered by North Metropolitan TAFE insurance. 


If your organisation offers a graduate or apprenticeship program for students and recent graduates, we can put you in contact with the relevant industry training area to help find you the right person.


Need specific skill requirements for a specific project? We can provide current students and recent graduates who can be involved in a project collaboration.

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Page last updated August 14, 2019