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SC-PLS-C2018 Arabic Beginners Stage 1

National ID: SC-PLS-C2018 | State ID: SC-PLS-C2018

The Arabic Language "Allughah 'al arabiyyah

Arabic is spoken in over twenty countries from North-West Africa to the Arabian Gulf which makes it one of the most widely used languages in the world. There are three different kinds of Arabic that are written and spoken.

  • Classical Arabic - this is the language of the Qur'aan and classical literature. Its structure is similar to the modern standard but the style and much of the vocabulary is archaic. To learn the modern classical Arabic it is essential to go into rather complex grammar.
  • Modern Classical Arabic - this is the universal language of the Arab world understood by all Arabic speakers. Almost all written material is in modern standard as are formal TV programs, talks, etc.
  • Colloquial Arabic – these are the spoken languages of the different regions of the Arab world. They vary the most in everyday words and expressions.

The Arabic covered in this course is a mixture of the modern classical and the colloquial Arabic to lessen the complexity of the grammar. Students completing these courses will be able to understand and be understood by all Arabic speakers.

Arabic Beginners Stage 1 is a general introduction to the language, its sound and writing system and some general information on the countries in which it is spoken.


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