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Census dates

The Census Date is the last date you can:

  • Withdraw from your units and apply for a refund on fees you have paid#
  • Submit an application for a VET Student Loan for your enrolment*
  • Withdraw from your units without incurring a Commonwealth loan debt.

Please note

#  Full refunds are only applicable to courses that are eligible for VET Student Loan.
#  Partial refunds are applicable for certificate I – IV courses.
*   VET Student Loan applications must be submitted at least 16 days prior to the census date for the first unit of your study and at least 16 days prior to the census date for subsequent units.


Census dates may vary dependent upon what type of enrolment you have and when you enroled.

Please check your confirmed enrolment form for the actual Census Date for your unit/s. Your enrolment record can be accessed via the student portal  or on your enrolment summary sheet.

The census date for each unit will be calculated at no less than 20% of the way through the delivery of a unit.