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Foyer Oxford


The Foyer Oxford is a project being run In conjunction with Foundation Housing, and Anglicare in Leederville. It aims to provide secure quality accommodation and pathways to employment, education and training for young people.​​​​

Foyer Oxford provides opportunities for young people ready to make a commitment to move on with their lives — a commitment to further education and training, and being a full participant in Foyer and all that it involves. Every person has an individually tailored commitment and plan. The young person signs it and so do the project partners.
Participants can stay in the Foyer project for up to two years. It's not a short-term crisis centre — it's for long-term building of young people's lives. The successful model is based on having a complete range of services on site.   Every young person has their own self-contained unit so they don't have to share kitchens, laundries or bathrooms. It is about creating a positive community.

Foyer originated in France and has been taken up throughout Europe and the United States. This world class complex is located on Oxford Street in Leederville. It has the capacity to house and support 98 young people, including 24 young parents and their children. It is the largest single site homelessness service for young people in Australia.
Foundation Housing built the accommodation and became the landlord; Anglicare is project manager, and provides the personal and community life skills support; while North Metropolitan TAFE contributes the education and training component.
The project is possible thanks to funding from State and Federal Governments under the National Affordable Housing Agreement, and Lotterywest.


Consortium partners
The Foyer Oxford project was developed by a consortium of three organisations – Anglicare WA, Foundation Housing Limited, and North Metropolitan TAFE. Each member focuses on their area of expertise in housing, support and education.

Anglicare WA

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Support services
Anglicare WA provides community support services to more than 38,000 Western Australians in difficulty each year. Its 400 staff and 300 volunteers offer a wide range of state-wide services including counselling, crisis and financial support, housing and homelessness support, and op shops. Anglicare WA has more than 20 years’ experience in supporting young people experiencing homelessness.
Anglicare WA provides the 24/7 services necessary to provide high quality, innovative support to young people. This includes case management, overnight and weekend support, project management and child support.

Foundation Housing 


Housing provision and coordination
Foundation Housing is one of WA’s largest developers and managers of affordable housing for people in need. They are an effective not for profit business managing over 2000 homes across the state, housing over 3500 people. In addition to accommodation, they provide a high level of service,  to support their tenants to sustain their home. They do this because they understand that having a safe and secure home provides the foundation to look forward with hope.
Foundation Housing has developed the spectacular Foyer Oxford facility, which is now the recipient of a number of architectural and urban development awards. FHL is also responsible for the ongoing tenancy management for residents and maintenance of this world class facility.

North Metropolitan TAFE


Vocational Education and Training
North Metropolitan TAFE is one of Australia’s largest vocational education and training colleges. With around 30,000 students, North Metropolitan TAFE spans nine campuses across the northern Perth region. North Metropolitan TAFE has grown from WA’s first post-secondary education facility which opened in May 1900.
North Metropolitan TAFE provided Foyer Oxford with its location in vibrant Leederville and coordinates the award winning Jumpstart program – a flexible education provision catering specifically to the needs of Foyer Residents.

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