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Authorisation for early Pre-Capstone/Capstone assessment

The policy regarding Capstone Testing is managed by EnergySafety. In Western Australia, apprentices will be required to undertake revision and sit the Capstone Assessment within 3 months of completing their apprenticeship or pre-capstone (Stage 7) within 6 months of completing their apprenticeship.

This form indicates agreement by the employer that an apprentices completion date will be bought forward to meet these obligations where the current contract end date is more than 6 months in the future.

Employer details
Apprentice details
Contract details

Eligibility for 7 and Capstone assessments is impingent on the completion of all the training at TAFE and 100% recorded (hours) in Q Tracker/E Profiler and use of Q Tracker/ E Profiler must be current.

Is the student at 100%
Worksheets must be updated before submitting this application.

Empoyer and apprentice endorsement

We agree that the said apprentice has completed all on- and off-the-job training (except capstone/Pre-Capstone).

We further understand that successful completion of this capstone assessment will vary the terms of the apprentice’s Training Contract and result in early completion and that we will be required to sign a Training Contract Completion Agreement on successful completion of the capstone assessment.

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