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Application to reschedule apprentice training

This application can be completed by any employer or NMTAFE academic staff member who wishes to reschedule training for an apprentice. Approval will only be provided where there are extenuating circumstances.

Rescheduling due to work commitments is generally not considered an extenuating circumstance.

Apprentice and employer details
Student name
e.g. 1 January 2000

Details of scheduled training
Training type

Authority to change

In signing a training contract, employers have entered an agreement, which binds each party to obligations under the State legislation. In relation to attendance at off the job training, employers are obliged to:

  • Release the apprentice from work to attend any training and assessment specified in the training plan;
  • Ensure the training plan is followed, training records are kept up to date and the apprentice's progress is monitored.

I certify that I am a person within our organisation authorised to make an application to seek a change to an apprentice’s Training Schedule and I understand:

  • Our organisation’s obligations under the Vocational Education and Training Regulations in relation to apprentice attendance at off the job training, as listed above.
  • If approved, rescheduling training may result in the employer having to request an extension to Training Contract.
  • Rescheduling training may result in the employer or apprentice still being liable for fees (in accordance with DTWD Fees & Charges Policy).
  • Apprentices are committed to attending the full block training regardless of missing the first days through absenteeism/illness.
  • Rescheduled training may not be at the same campus as the initial training.

Rescheduling request - employer
NOTE Apprentices may be required to attend a variety of NMTAFE campuses over the course of their studies. Cancelling due to location is not a legitimate reason unless extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated.
Details of requested change