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Residential Project Awards

At the recent Residential Project Award presentation at the Green Building on our East Perth campus, several students caught the eye of the sponsors. In fact, owner of Sipform, Jonathan Goldworthy, was so impressed with the students' work that he offered to continue sponsorship this semester.

Marija Kleska achieved a commendation certificate for her design, and also a commendation certificate for her attention to detail in her construction drawings, in the Residential Project Unit. Jonathan from SIPSFORM then offered Marija a full-time job as a design draftsperson. Marija is doing very well and is now a valued employee, having started in January.

Archie Ubaldo achieved a winners certificate for the Best Construction Drawings. Consequently, he has also been hired - as a contract draftsperson by The Design Mill, where he is progressing very well and is a valued member of The Design Mill team.

Jay Alilio, a conscientious and high achieving student, has also be hired by The Design Mill as a contract design draftsperson. Jay has proven to be of great value in the area of design and client consultants, and will gain further training to progress in his role.


Top line (left to right): Vic Whitehurst (lecturer), Daniel Rose (Engenuity - sponsor), Jonathan Goldworthy (Sipform - owner & sponsor)
Bottom (left to right): Leika Vogler (student, Design winner), Marija Krleska (student, commendation Design & Construction drawings), TBC, Julie Canal (lecturer, standing in for Archie Ubaldo, winner construction drawings), Michelle Hoad (Managing Director, North Metropolitan TAFE), Peter Ebell (Executive Director, NMT and finally Terry (Sipform, owner & sponsor)  


Page last updated March 26, 2018