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Important changes to Student Portal

Student Login to Student Portal

IMPORTANT  If you’re an existing student your login details have changed. Once you have enrolled please wait 24 hours before logging on to allow ICT time to arrange your access.

As a student, you are recommended to loginto Office365 Opens in a new window first to update your Self Service Profile and password prior to logging into Student Portal.

Office 365

          Email login                  StudentID@tafe.wa.edu.au 
          Password                     Default Password 
          Default Password     TafeDDMMYYYY (Capital T, Date of Birth)


Student Portal Login

Once your Self Service Profile and Student Password has been updated in Office 365, students logging into Student Portal are required to enter a User Name and Password as following:
          User Name                Student ID
          Password                   Student Password

For example, if your Student ID is K123456 and your Student Password is Hello123#, your Student Portal logon details would be:

          User Name                K123456
          Password                   Hello123#

Page last updated February 03, 2017