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Higher education student support

Getting ready for the st​ar​t of semester

Once you have completed your enrolment, there are some other activities for you to do to ensure that you are ready to go on the first day of semester.

Find out if your course is having an orientation session

Orientation is compulsory and will happen at the beginning of the semester. You will find out all the information you need to know to begin your course. It's also a chance to meet other students and your lecturers.

Student ID cards and SmartRider information

Student ID cards are available from the Bookshop at Perth campus and the library at all other campuses. They are available in the first week of semester. You will need to show your enrolment summary as proof of enrolment to get your ID card.

As a full-time student, you are entitled to travel concessions on Transperth services. You can pick up an application form for the Tertiary SmartRider from Client Services when you enrol.

Your Student ID will not be accepted by Transperth as proof that you are entitled to a concession on public transport.

Important information, policies, responsibilities and forms

We value you as one of our students. We place great importance on ensuring that you have a positive experience while attending North Metropolitan TAFE.
Various policies and procedures outline what you can expect from us and in turn, what conduct we can expect from you.
For all general North Metropolitan TAFE policies and other important documents, please refer to our Policies and responsibilities page under Current Students.


​How to lodge an appea​l against an academic decision
​Appeals against an academic decision may include the following:
   • A decision regarding misconduct
   • A decision regarding a student's catego​ry of academic progress (i.e. earning a "conditional" or "terminated" academic progress status)
   • An unfair and/or incorrect academic assessment decision.​

​All information regarding student appeals is detailed in the Academic Appeals policy and procedure.
Higher Education Academic Appeals Policy
Higher Education Appeals Procedure

To appeal a decision made by North Metropolitan TAFE, please read and follow the instructions below carefully.
Step 1 Identify the grounds for your appeal
You may lodge an appeal to a decision relating to academic assessment or progress status on the following grounds:
​   1. A procedural irregularity has occurred
   2. There is new information that could not reasonably have been provided at or prior to the decision, and that will probably have affected the decision made
   3. The decision or penalty was manifestly wrong, excessive, or unfair in the circumstances.

You may lodge an appeal to a decision relating to misconduct on the following grounds:
   1. There was failure to comply with procedural fairness
   2. There is evidence relating to an allegation of misconduct that was not reasonably ascertainable by the student at or prior to the decision, as the case may be, and that would probably have affected the decision or any penalty         imposed
   3. The decision and/or penalty were manifestly wrong, excessive or unfair.

Step 2 Draft a letter of appeal
​If you believe that you have grounds for an appeal then write a letter which:
   1. ​​States the grounds for appeal as outlined above
   2. Includes as much information and detail as possible
   3. Where appropriate, provides relevant evidence supporting the grounds on which you wish to appeal against the decision. Evidence may include documents such as medical certificates, letters of support, travel documents, insurance documents, etc.

Copies of these documents must be certified.

We suggest that you use the following Letter of Appeal  template for decision relating to academic assessment or progress status. The following Letter of Appeal  template should be used for matters relating to misconduct.
Higher Education Student Appeal Letter

Step 3 Submit your letter of appeal and supporting documents
Your Letter of Appeal must be submitted to the Director of Academic Strategy and Innovation within 20 working days of receiving notification of the decision that has been issued from North Metropolitan TAFE.
Your Letter of Appeal and supporting documents should be emailed to the Director of Academic Strategy and Innovation (Derek.Swarts@nmtafe.wa.edu.au), or sent to:
     ​Director of Academic Strategy and Innovation
     Locked Bag 6
     Northbridge WA 6865

Once submitted, your Letter of Appeal will be reviewed and deliberated upon by the Director of Academic Strategy and Innovation. For appeals regarding misconduct, the matter will be referred by the Director of Academic Strategy and Innovation to an Appeals Committee. Once a decision regarding your appeal has been made, you will be advised by the Director of Academic Strategy and Innovation within three working days.
IMPORTANT Provided that your Learning Area has no objections, you should continue to attend classes and submit the requisite assignments until your appeal outcome is decided.

For more information about the appeals process, please refer to the following documents:​
Higher Education Academic Appeals Policy 
Higher Education Academic Misconduct Policy
Higher Education Academic Misconduct Procedure

 Deferment/Leave of Absence
 If you have not yet enrolled in your course, you may request to defer from your course and start at a later semester intake. If you have already enrolled in your course but need to take a break, you may apply for a leave of absence.

If you have received a written offer of a place in a higher education course and you wish to defer, you must submit a written application must be made within two weeks of receiving the letter of offer.
Please be aware that the maximum period of deferment will be 12 months however deferment for a period of six months may be granted where appropriate. Deferment cannot be offered once you have enrolled.

Leave of Absence
Once you have enrolled, you may apply for leave from studies extending for at least one teaching period and up to one year.
A first application for leave will normally be granted automatically provided the Course Coordinator is satisfied that the reasons you provide are appropriate.
A second application will be scrutinised more closely but will be accepted on grounds such as: physical or mental ill health, financial hardship, or clear loss of motivation. If you are granted a second period of leave you will be warned that third applications may not succeed unless the grounds for leave are serious.
If your performance warrants appearance before an academic progress committee your application for absence of leave will only be considered after a decision by the Course Coordinator and Manager of Higher Education has been reached.

Please read closely the following documents if you are considering Deferment or Leave of Absence:​
Deferment and Leave of Absence Policy
Deferment and Leave of Absence Procedure

​Withdrawing or amending your enrolment 
​Changes to your enrolment
You must formally request to make any enrolment amendments by attending in person at a Client Services counter.

Enrolment amendments include:
   • Name changes (documentary evidence must be provided)
   • Withdrawing from one or more units (this can be done via the withdrawal form available on our website)
   • Contact details changes (this can also be done on Student Portal)

Enrolling in additional units or transferring to another class or course must be done at the academic area (additional fees may apply)

Withdrawing from your course
If you choose not to continue with your studies you must complete the withdrawal form on our website. Until this notification is received, your enrolment will remain active.
If you do not formally withdraw you will receive a fail result.

Refund of tuition fees
If you are seeking a refund, you must officially withdraw from the relevant Unit or Course by filling in the online Request to Withdraw form below or by attending a Student Service counter. Lecturers cannot accept verbal notifications.
Higher Education Withdrawal and Refund Application form

Delivery changes
Full refund granted if course or unit is cancelled or rescheduled to a time unsuitable to the student, a student is not given a place due to maximum number of places being reached, or other circumstances as determined by us.

Withdraw on or before the census date
If you withdraw formally on or before the Census Date from your unit/s, you will receive a full refund. Upfront part or full payments will be reimbursed. If deferring payment through FEE HELP, no debt will be incurred with the Commonwealth Government. No incidental fees are refunded.
Important Please check your enrolment record to confirm the actual Census Date for your unit/s. Your enrolment record can be accessed via the Student Portal.

Withdraw after census date
Students who formally withdraw after the Census Date from their unit/s will receive no refund of Tuition Fees. If deferring payment through FEE HELP, you will incur a debt with the Commonwealth Government.

Withdraw on or before the 'Without Academic Penalty Date'
Students who formally withdraw on or before the Without Academic Penalty Date will incur no academic penalty. To check this date and any other important dates please see the Higher Education page​.
Higher Education Withdrawal and Refu​nd ​Application form

 Course progression
Policies about unsatisfactory progression in your course
The following information outlines the procedure should it be deemed that you are not making satisfactory progress in your course. You will be provided with assistance by your portfolio and student advisors.

Higher Education Student Progress Policy
Higher Education Student Progress Procedure
Higher Education Grading & Resulting Policy
Conferring Academic Qualifications Policy
Conferring Academic Qualifications Procedure

Graduation policy and procedure​
Applying to graduate
You must have completed the necessary number of credit points relevant to the award you are enrolled in. If you have been granted supplementary or deferred examination pending results, or have outstanding components of your course, you will not be eligible to graduate. We retain discretionary power to delay a student's graduation, to be used only in exceptional circumstances.

Staff and Students each have responsibilities when it comes time to graduate.
You will need to submit an "Intention to Graduate" form to your portfolio and you will need to confirm your formal name and mailing address so that we can send you your award
Staff will confirm that you have met the completion requirements of your course, they will provide confirmation to you of the success of your application and they will recommend the conferral of your award to the Governing Council via the Higher Education Committee.

Higher Education Graduation Policy 
Higher Education​ Graduation Procedure

​Exams and assessment 
Examinations policy
The following examinations policy outlines your responsibilities and those of the examiners.
It outlines:
   • When and where exams are held, when the exam is scheduled and when you will be notified about your exam.
   • The duration of your exam
   • The responsibilities of the examiners
   • Your conduct during the exam
   • What happens if you miss an exam
   • What occurs if you are ill
   • How final unit results are released.​​

Higher Education Examination Policy 

Student Late Assessment Application
Student Assessment Policy
Student Assessment Procedure

Credit transfer
Applying for credit transfer
​If you are applying for credit transfer you must follow the procedure outlined in the document below.

You will need to fill in the approved credit transfer form.
If you completed your prior learning at another institute, you must provide official academic records and transcripts as well as a certified, detailed description of the unit.

Any academic transcripts or records must:
   • Be originals or certified true copies
   • Be in English or accompanied by a certified translated copy in English
   • Be provided by the applicant in person or by post​

If you are seeking credit for studies completed here​, you do not require supporting documentation.​​

Credit for Recognised Learning Policy
Credit for Recognised Learning Procedure

 Student feedback
As a student you are welcome to provide feedback about your higher education experience at North Metropolitan TAFE.

For more information about providing feedback, please refer to the following documents:​ 
Higher Education Feedback Policy
Higher Education Feedback Procedure

 Other policies and procedures
Student satisfaction is extremely important to us.
If you are unhappy with any aspect of Higher Education at North Metropolitan TAFE you are welcome to lodge a complaint. Please refer to our Policies and responsibilities page. 
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