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VET in Schools/VETiS/VETforSchools

What is VET in Schools?

Vocational Education and Training [VET] in Schools is a program delivered to secondary school students as part of your Western Australian Certificate of Education. 

We specifically choose courses that provide clear career pathways after high school. They will give you practical skills and an understanding of what to expect from the workplace and, once completed, may provide credits towards other nationally recognised qualifications, or lead to employment. 

VET in Schools students attend a North Metropolitan TAFE campus one or two days per week.

Applications are now closed for our VET in Schools (VETiS) programs for year 11 and 12 students attending school in 2018.

Offerings for 2019 will be finalised mid July 2018 so check back then for further information. 

Please note that continuing students from 2017 in the same qualification/program do not need to apply online. We will liaise with your school VET Coordinator to confirm your intentions in early October.

Before you start your application

Please note that a C grade or above in Mathematics and English is an essential requirement for selection in any VETiS program. Students may also be required to attend an interview and in some cases complete an aptitude or Maths test.

Our VETiS programs are extremely competitive, therefore we recommended that you provide as much evidence as possible to support your application.

Before you start your application you will need the following information: 

  • School Curriculum & Standards Authority (SCSA) number (This can be found on your school report or speak with your VET in Schools Coordinator)
  • Most recent school report in an electronic format i.e. PDF
  • Parent/guardian email address
  • Parent/guardian mobile phone number

Note  If you do not have this information you will not be able to submit your application.

The more information you submit the more competitive your application will become. Other information that you may want to consider having available when completing you application includes:

  • Resume (if you have completed paid or volunteer work)
  • Volunteer work
  • References
  • Certificates (leadership, sporting, first aid etc.)
  • Supporting information

When selecting course preferences it is important that you have read the information about each course in the 2018 VET in Schools brochure and discussed your options with your school VET Coordinator before you start your application, as not all courses may be appropriate for you. Your school VET Coordinator will be contacted to endorse your application.

When selecting your course you will need to select your campus first. It is important that you can travel with ease to and from that campus (you may find this website useful) www.transperth.wa.gov.au  

Once you commence your application, you can save your changes if you need to exit and return at a later time. You will be emailed a link to your saved application which you can only access from the email address entered at the time you save and exit.

There are no tuition fees for the majority of the VET in Schools Programs. Please refer to the 2018 VET in Schools brochure to confirm if the course you are interested in is a Fee for Service (FFS) course. You also may be required to buy textbooks and other resources.

General questions and administration

Please contact our VET in Schools administration team if you have general questions about VET in Schools and the process involved.

Fiona Ion, Schools Program Coordinator  |  T 1300 300 822​  |  E vetinschools@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Course content

If you would like to discuss the academic content of one of our courses please contact the appropriate staff member below.


Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology (Pre-Apprenticeship Vehicle Servicing - Light)   Ian Wright   |  E Ian.Wright@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Beauty Therapy

Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics                                                                                                                          Cynthia Li   |  E Cynthia.Li@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Building & Construction

Certificate II in Building & Construction (Pathway - Para Professional)                                                    Maxine Plowright  |  E Maxine.Plowright@nmtafe.wa.edu.au 
                                                                                                                                                                                OR Nathan Strahan  |  E Nathan.Strahan@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate II in Building & Construction (Pathway - Trades) Bricklaying / Blocklaying |     
Wall and Floor Tiling  Plastering  |  Plastering and Tiling Combined                                                       Enzo Multari  |  E Enzo.Multari@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate II in Building & Construction (Pathway - Trades) Carpentry                                                     Rob Moseley  |  E Robert.Mosely@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate II in Furniture Making (Cabinet Making / Furniture Making Pre-Apprenticeship)             Gary Michels  |  E Garry.Michels@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
                                                                                                                                                                                OR Keith Campbell  |  E Keith.Campbell@nmtafe.wa.edu.au


Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)                                                                                             Ian Evans  |  E Ian.Evans@nmtafe.wa.edu.au


Certificate III in Engineering - Technical                                                                                                             Indu V  |  E Indu.V@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate II in Engineering (Mechanical Fitter and Machinist Pre-Apprenticeship)  |
Certificate II in Engineering (Heavy Fabrication Pre-Apprenticeship)                                                        Ian Wright  |  E Ian.Wright@nmtafe.wa.edu.au


Certificate III in Events  |  Joondalup                                                                                                                    Jason Smith  |  E Jason.Smith@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate III in Events  Northbridge                                                                                                                Scott Adam  |  E Scott.Adam@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Health Services

Certificate III in Population Health                                                                                                                      Darren Channell  |  E Darren.Channell@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate III in Health Services Assistance        

Horticulture & Conservation

Certificate II in Horticulture  Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management  |         
Certificate II in Landscaping                                                                                                                                  Neha Umaretiya  |  E Neha.Umaretiya@nmtafe.wa.edu.au


Certificate II in Kitchen Operations                                                                                                                      Jason Smith  |  E Jason.Smith@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate II in Hospitality                                                                                                                                     Scott Adam  |  E Scott.Adam@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Information Technology

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology                                                                        Guido Verschoor  |  E Guido.Verschoor@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Introduction to Laboratory Skills

Certificate II in Sample and Measurement                                                                                                       Claudia Baker  |  E Claudia.Baker@nmtafe.wa.edu.au


Certificate III in Tourism                                                                                                                                         Scott Adam  |  E Scott.Adam@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Fee for Service

Certificate III in Sport and Recreation | Leederville                                                                                          Jeremy Sorensen  |  E Jeremy.Sorensen@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate III in Screen and Media (Digital)  East Perth                                                                              Adil Mistry  |  E Adil.Mistry@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate III in Screen and Media (Digital)  Joondalup                                                                               Lewis Rose  |  E Lewis.Rose@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate III in Screen and Media | Northbridge                                                                                              Neli Micunovic  |  E Neli.Micunovic@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology  |  Joondalup                                                  Lewis Rose  |  E Lewis.Rose@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

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