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Higher education

Everything you need to know as a local student who wants to study a higher education degree

North Metropolitan TAFE currently has over 170 students enrolled in our higher education programs which are delivered in niche areas that will provide you with a real competitive advantage. 

By offering small class sizes you can connect more closely with your peers, share your ideas or opinions, get more one-on-one attention from lecturers, and ultimately, achieve better results.

We are a registered Higher Education Provider with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) which offers higher education courses that include Diploma, Associate Degree and Bachelor qualifications.

Our higher education courses
All North Metropolitan TAFE Higher Education qualifications are recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).
Diploma of Commerce  H411 CRS1400333
Associate Degree of Visual Art  H413 CRS1400330 
Associate Degree of Design CRS1400331
     Fashion & Textile Design H434 
     3D Product Design H436 
     Object & Jewellery Design H423 
Higher education handbooks
Our course levels explained
Each higher education course has been designed with appropriate learning, teaching, and assessment experiences to enable students to develop our higher education graduate attributes.
The graduate attributes are clearly communicated to staff and students in all course and unit documentation.
The Bachelor degree is an undergraduate qualification. It involves three years full-time or equivalent part-time study. At this level graduates have a broad body of knowledge with depth in the underlying principles and concepts in one or more disciplines. You will have the cognitive and creative skills to exercise critical thinking and judgment in identifying and solving problems with intellectual independence. Bachelor graduates apply their knowledge and skills with initiative and judgment in planning, problem solving and decision making in professional practice and scholarship.
Associate Degree
The Associate Degree is an undergraduate qualification. It involves two years full-time or equivalent part-time study. At this level graduates have the cognitive, technical and creative thinking skills to demonstrate a broad understanding of knowledge and ideas with some depth in a discipline.
You will have the cognitive, communication and analytical skills to interpret and transmit responses to sometimes complex problems. Associate Degree graduates apply their knowledge and skills initiative and judgment in planning, problem solving and decision making in paraprofessional practice.
Diploma - Higher Education
Higher Education diploma courses involve one year full-time study or equivalent part-time study. This diploma is registered with TEQSA and is equivalent to the first year at university. Graded assessments and examinations, and the opportunity to develop academic skills such as critical thinking are features of the higher education diploma courses.
Five steps to becoming a higher education student
  1.  Check the application dates and apply at the right time!
  2.  Apply online
  3.  Accept your offer
  4.  Enrol either on campus or online and pay your fees either direct or arrange financial assistance
  5.  Attend orientation and get ready for study.

Important information for higher education students

For information on a range of aspects regarding your study, including the Deferral Policy and Credit for Recognised Learning, please go to our Higher education student support page.


Page last updated August 14, 2018