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Resource Processing

National ID: RII20515 | State ID: AZB2


This qualification will give you the skills and knowledge necessary for entry level employment as a processing technician in a resources processing facility.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

processing technician, mineral processing technician

Further study opportunities:

RII30415 Certificate III in Resource Processing

Course overview

Course details

Course Overview

Where East Perth

1 year (2 semesters)

How Traineeship
When This course is available for Semester 1, 2017.

processing technician, mineral processing technician

Further study opportunities:

RII30415 Certificate III in Resource Processing

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Local full time students

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International Students

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Module Group Core Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices BSBSUS201 AUK77
Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures RIIWHS201D WH750
Communicate in the workplace RIICOM201D WH099
Conduct local risk control RIIRIS201D WH644

Module Group Group A Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Comply with site work processes/procedures RIIGOV201D WH291
Maintain and monitor site quality standards RIIQUA201D WH616

Module Group Group B Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Provide support to electrical tradesperson RIISAM214D WH664
Produce pellets RIIPSM203D WH606
Conduct crushing and screening plant operations RIIPRO301D WH596
Respond to local emergencies and incidents RIIERR302D WH271
Conduct crushing operations RIIPRO201D WH591
Distribute tailings RIIWBP202D WH744
Tap furnaces RIIPSM201D WH604
Operate plant/machinery on live stockpiles RIIMPO306D WH412
Sinter materials RIIPRE204D WH585
Collect routine site samples RIISTD202D WH697
Connect and disconnect reefer refrigeration units RIIMPG201D WH397
Operate compressors RIIPGP203D WH573
Clean workplace or equipment MSAPMSUP101A W8280
Prepare and carry out electrolytic cleaning process RIIPRE202D WH583
Bulk package and store product RIIPRO204D WH594
Conduct rail dispatch operations RIIMCP202D WH328
Conduct ship loading operations RIIPEO205D WH565
Break oversize rock RIIMEX203D WH379
Handle reagents RIIPGP202D WH572
Conduct operations with stockpile dozer RIIMPO331D WH436
Operate heat exchangers PMAOPS205B W8844
Conduct reduction process RIIPBE204D WH545
Operate and monitor valve systems PMAOPS223B W8856
Perform basic tests MSL973001A WA705
Carry out bore-field operations RIIPGP204D WH574
Conduct pump operations RIIPGP201D WH571
Handle, store and use cyanide RIIPGP205D WH575
Conduct conveyor operations RIIPEO201D WH561
Conduct screening and conveying operations RIIPRO202D WH592
Conduct digestion process RIIPBE202D WH543
Conduct stockpile reclaiming operations RIISRM302D WH689
Prepare for sintering activities RIIPRE203D WH584
Conduct air cleaning activities RIIPBP202D WH558
Conduct solvent extraction RIIPRE201D WH582
Monitor tailings dam environment RIIWBP203D WH745
Conduct roasting operations RIIPBE205D WH546
Conduct stacker operations RIIPEO203D WH563
Operate powered separation equipment PMAOPS247A WG542
Treat and dispose of rejects and tailings RIIWBP201D WH743
Monitor, operate and maintain pipeline stations and equipment PMAOPS230B W8858
Operate fluid mixing equipment PMAOPS202B W8841
Operate chemical separation equipment PMAOPS208B W8847
Operate separation equipment PMAOPS246A WG541
Transfer bulk fluids into/out of storage facility PMAOPS307B W8870
Prepare for pelletising activities RIIPSM202D WH605
Operate raw material feed systems RIIPHA201D WH578
Conduct bulk water truck operations RIIMPO206D WH404
Conduct precipitation operations RIIPBE203D WH544
Conduct shore side mooring operations RIIPEO204D WH564
Conduct aeration process RIIPBE201D WH542
Conduct blending plant operations RIIPRO205D WH595

Module Group Group C Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Conduct fire team operations RIIERR201D WH265
Work effectively with diversity BSBDIV301 AUI02
Load and unload cargo/goods RIIHAN204D WH298
Perform basic rigging RIIHAN209D WH303
Cut, weld and bend materials RIISAM205D WH656
Operate a personal computer BSBITU101 AUL79
Work safely at heights RIIWHS204D WH753
Suppress airborne contaminants RIIENV202D WH257
Perform intermediate rigging operations RIIHAN210D WH304
Apply operational maintenance skills RIISAM207D WH657
Licence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity) TLILIC3006A D5249
Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding basic level CPCCLSF2001A W9429
Licence to perform dogging CPCCLDG3001A W9423
Conduct non-slewing crane operations RIIHAN212D WH306
Licence to perform rigging basic level CPCCLRG3001A W9426
Perform dogging RIIHAN208D WH302
Enter and work in confined spaces RIIWHS202D WH751
Conduct lifting operations RIIHAN203D WH297
Operate a forklift RIIHAN201D WH295
Isolate and access plant RIISAM202D WH653
Apply initial response First Aid RIIERR205D WH269
Control operations in acid plant RIIPBP302D WH560
Perform plant operational maintenance RIISAM208D WH658
Transport plant, equipment and personnel RIIHAN206D WH300
Secure cargo RIIHAN205D WH299
Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding intermediate level CPCCLSF3001A W9430
Plan and organise work RIIBEF201D WH001
Licence to perform rigging intermediate level CPCCLRG3002A W9427
Monitor plant operations for coal preparation RIIMCP301D WH329
Respond to site based spills RIIRIS202D WH645
Service mine plant and equipment RIISAM212D WH662
Licence to operate a forklift truck TLILIC2001A D5241

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