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Diploma of Visual Arts

National ID: CUA51115 | State ID: AZL3


Take your art to a high level. This course will develop your skills and knowledge in selected areas of visual art and craft, with options to focus on painting, print media, ceramics, sculpture and digital art.

This diploma will enable you to take on complicated art projects with a developed skillset and knowledge of various materials and mediums.

You'll have the opportunity to focus on areas such as painting, print media, ceramics, sculpture and digital media and refine these skills in studio classes designed to bring your ideas to reality.

Our art and craft facilities are purpose built to a high standard of equipment and facilities. Students also benefit from the close proximity to the Perth Cultural Centre which is home to the Art Gallery of WA, PICA and many other smaller galleries.

A successful career in visual arts will require you to promote yourself and look outside the square when it comes to gaining employment. You can work on small or large scale public art projects or work as a freelance artist. You can also combine your studies with other courses and become a teacher or work in arts administration.

Your Diploma of Visual Arts and Craft prepares you for roles such as a designer-maker or an artist.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

Successful completion of this qualification provides you with the opportunity to work as an Art practitioner or be employed in government and commercial organisations.

For information about jobs and pathways, please see joboutlook.gov.au

Further study opportunities:

Advanced Diploma and Degree qualifications in a range of arts-related disciplines.

Course overview

Course details

Course Overview

Where Northbridge Building 6

2 semesters (1 year) full time

How Full-Time
When Was available Semester 1, 2017

Successful completion of this qualification provides you with the opportunity to work as an Art practitioner or be employed in government and commercial organisations.

For information about jobs and pathways, please see joboutlook.gov.au

Further study opportunities:

Advanced Diploma and Degree qualifications in a range of arts-related disciplines.

Please contact the college to receive an indicative price for this course.

Local full time students

Course fees are made up of two components, tuition fees and resource fees.

Tuition fees are determined by multiplying the course fee rate by the nominal hours, which is the number of hours in which an average student could be expected to complete each unit. They are not the hours of training or instruction.

Resource fees are charges for material that are essential to a course or unit, and are purchased by NMT to be used by students during the course.

Fees may vary depending on the units you are enrolled in so an approximate amount has been shown. You will be given the exact amount of your fees at enrolment. Part time student fees will vary depending on the number of units you are enrolled in.

Please note, you may also need to buy textbooks or equipment for your course.

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International Students

If this course is available for International students you will need to pay your course fees to TIWA when you accept your offer.

Module Group Core Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Analyse cultural history and theory CUARES503 AWG97
Refine drawing and other visual representation tools CUAACD501 AWK27
Realise a body of creative work CUAPPR501 AWH24
Present a body of own creative work CUAPPR503 AWH23
Establish and maintain safe creative practice CUAPPR505 AWH20
Develop own sustainable professional practice CUAPPR502 AWH22

Module Group Group A Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Select and refine a specialised drawing technique CUAACD503 AWK28
Develop and apply ceramic glazes CUACER505 AWJ58
Originate and develop concepts BSBCRT501 AUI70
Prepare stencils and screens for textile printing LMTTD4013A W7445
Apply innovation in contemporary leadlight and stained glass MSFSL5005 WI653
Interpret and respond to a design brief BSBDES402 AUH07
Hand carve wood to custom design MSFFM4001 WI446
Refine carving techniques for creative work CUAACD514 AWK17
Investigate drawing materials and processes CUADRA502 AWJ16
Develop professional illustrations CUAILL501 AWI77
Experiment with techniques to produce jewellery CUAJWL401 AWI65
Investigate materials and processes for textile work CUATEX502 AWG57
Extend expertise in specialist creative fields CUAIND401 WI124
Apply manipulation techniques to create experimental textile samples LMTTD4010A W7442
Implement design solutions BSBDES501 AUK32
Refine kiln cast glass techniques CUAGLA503 AWJ01
Refine glassworking techniques CUAGLA501 AWJ03
Apply visual communication theory to photo imaging practice CUAPHI501 AWH69
Refine techniques for textile work CUATEX501 AWG59
Refine 2-D design ideas and processes CUAACD506 AWK26
Investigate woodworking materials and processes CUAWOO502 AWG51
Work with photomedia in creative practice CUAACD512 AWK18
Refine 3-D design ideas and processes CUAACD507 AWK23
Refine ceramics techniques CUACER501 AWJ62
Explore the history and social impact of creativity BSBCRT403 AUH56
Produce woven tapestry samples LMTTD4004A W7436
Investigate painting materials and processes CUAPAI502 AWH79
Experiment with moulding and casting techniques CUAACD402 AWK30
Refine illustration techniques CUAILL502 AWI76
Experiment with throwing techniques CUACER402 AWJ64
Design and produce experimental textiles LMTTD5004A W7449
Identify fibres and fabrics LMTCL2003B W7151
Produce screen printed textiles LMTTD4005A W7437
Extend expertise in a specialised art form to professional level CUAPPR606 AWH14
Make mixed media artworks CUAACD513 AWK16
Develop and refine metalworking techniques CUAACD509 AWK21
Create works of art for public spaces CUAPUA501 AWH06
Select sites for creative projects and plan work CUAPPR402 AWH30
Refine painting techniques CUAPAI501 AWH80
Refine throwing techniques CUACER503 AWJ61
Refine model making skills CUAACD508 AWK22
Develop and refine illustrative work CUAILL401 AWI78
Refine sculptural techniques CUASCU501 AWG90
Refine drawing techniques CUADRA501 AWJ18
Investigate sculptural materials and processes CUASCU502 AWG89
Plan and produce visual art photo images CUAPHI509 AWH61
Collaborate in a creative process BSBCRT402 AUK85
Refine printmaking techniques CUAPRI501 AWH10
Establish, negotiate and refine a design brief BSBDES502 AUM32
Refine digital art techniques CUADIG508 AWJ22
Investigate ceramic materials and processes CUACER502 AWJ59
Investigate printmaking materials and processes CUAPRI502 AWH09
Investigate technologies for the creation of digital art CUADIG509 AWJ21
Investigate glassworking materials and processes CUAGLA502 AWJ02
Create observational drawings CUAACD502 AWK29
Articulate, present and debate ideas BSBCRT401 AUM24
Work with the human form in creative practice CUAACD505 AWK24
Explore the descriptive and emotive nature of photo lighting CUAPHI503 AWH67
Research and design sustainable objects MEM19030A S7582
Refine woodworking techniques CUAWOO501 AWG52
Research and apply light and colour CUAACD504 AWK25
Generate design solutions BSBDES401 AUJ94
Manage specialised finishing processes CUAACD515 AWK15

Module Group Group B Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Implement preventive conservation activities CUAPRE401 AWF37
Undertake marketing activities BSBMKG414 AUM20
Maintain and apply creative arts industry knowledge CUAIND502 AWI70
Plan social media engagement BSBMKG527 AWF81
Provide freelance services CUAIND402 AWI72
Undertake small business planning BSBSMB404 AUH57
Obtain revenue to support operations CUAFIM401 AWF44
Plan small business finances BSBSMB402 AUH17
Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business BSBIPR501 AUI50
Manage copyright arrangements CUACMP501 AWJ56
Manage personal, family, cultural and business obligations BSBSMB408 AUL20
Protect and use innovative designs BSBIPR404 AUJ20
Plan a home based business BSBSMB306 AUG92
Design a digital action plan for small business BSBSMB413 AWF76
Market the small business BSBSMB403 AUL85
Source funding for projects CUAFIM501 AWJ07
Develop strategies to monetise digital engagement BSBMKG526 AWF83
Critique cultural works CUARES502 AWG98
Estimate and cost job LMTGN3003B W7315
Estimate, measure and calculate measurements for work FSKNUM23 WG300
Develop exhibition concepts BSBLIB504 AWG06
Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities BSBMKG501 AUI00
Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business BSBSMB401 AUL08
Build and sustain an innovative work environment BSBINN502 AUK09
Manage small business finances BSBSMB406 AUH81
Establish systems that support innovation BSBINN501 AUH52
Monitor and manage small business operations BSBSMB405 AUH72
Design effective web search responses BSBMKG525 AWF82
Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning TAEDEL401A WA871
Provide work skill instruction TAEDEL301A WA870
Install and dismantle exhibition elements CUAEVP403 AWF46
Use and respect copyright BSBIPR401 AUL07
Build and maintain relationships with small business stakeholders BSBSMB409 AUM00
Conduct research CUARES402 AWH00
Write complex documents BSBWRT401 AUK28
Protect and use intangible assets in small business BSBIPR405 AUJ46
Design effective user experiences BSBMKG524 AWF84
Make a presentation BSBCMM401 AUI59
Establish and maintain environmentally sustainable creative practice CUAPPR504 AWH21
Undertake project work BSBPMG522 AUI91
Build and launch a small business website SITXICT401 WF790
Plan work space CUAPPR406 AWH26
Manage personal work priorities and professional development BSBWOR501 AUK69

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Entrance Requirements

School Leaver Non-School Leaver AQF
Completion of WACE General or ATAR (Minimum C Grades) or equivalent Completion of WACE General or ATAR or equivalent (minimum C Grades) Certificate III


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