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Diploma of Engineering

National ID: MEM50105 | State ID: W247


Are you ready for an advanced engineering career?

When you complete the Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade you'll have specialist skills in hydraulic systems, as a technical specialist, supervisor, or advanced tradesperson.

You will gain the advanced skills and knowledge to modify fluid power control systems, interpret technical manuals, write technical reports, research and analyse engineering data, and workplace health and safety.

The Diploma of Engineering is available in two specialist streams:

Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade (Instrumentation)

  • This course will be of interest to any qualified trades person with an electrical, mechanical fitter or refrigeration background.

Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade (Fluid Power)

  • This course will be of interest to any qualified trades person with an mechanical fitter or fitter machinist.

This is a post trade qualification. You must be able to produce current certificate III, trade papers, qualifications, or equivalent to study.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

Employment outcomes related to this qualification are found in a wide variety of manufacturing and engineering related sectors as well as Advanced Engineering Tradesperson - Level II related roles in other industries.

When you complete the Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade you'll have specialist skills in hydraulic systems, as a technical specialist, supervisor, or advanced tradesperson.

Course overview

Course details

Course Overview

Where Midland
How Part-Time
When Was available Semester 1, 2017

Employment outcomes related to this qualification are found in a wide variety of manufacturing and engineering related sectors as well as Advanced Engineering Tradesperson - Level II related roles in other industries.

When you complete the Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade you'll have specialist skills in hydraulic systems, as a technical specialist, supervisor, or advanced tradesperson.

Further study opportunities:

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Local full time students

Course fees are made up of two components, tuition fees and resource fees.

Tuition fees are determined by multiplying the course fee rate by the nominal hours, which is the number of hours in which an average student could be expected to complete each unit. They are not the hours of training or instruction.

Resource fees are charges for material that are essential to a course or unit, and are purchased by NMT to be used by students during the course.

Fees may vary depending on the units you are enrolled in so an approximate amount has been shown. You will be given the exact amount of your fees at enrolment. Part time student fees will vary depending on the number of units you are enrolled in.

Please note, you may also need to buy textbooks or equipment for your course.

For details see the indicative fees list here.

International Students

If this course is available for International students you will need to pay your course fees to TIWA when you accept your offer.

Third and fourth year apprentices can enrol and be issued with a certificate when they complete their trade studies. Students who wish to complete this course need to have the prerequisite, core and other units required for the certificate IV, credited via an RPL or Credit Transfer process.


Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Apply quality procedures MEM15024A W5531
Plan a complete activity MEM14005A W5513
Plan to undertake a routine task MEM14004A W5512
Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment MEM16007A W5548
Assist in the provision of on the job training MEM17003A W5552
Communicate with individuals and small groups MEM16011A W5539
Interpret technical specifications and manuals MEM16012A W5540
Report technical information MEM16014A W5542
Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment MEM13014A W5502
Apply quality systems MEM15002A W5532
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices MSAENV272B D3655
Use graphical techniques and perform simple statistical computations MEM12025A W5493
Research and analyse engineering information MEM16009A W5549
Perform computations MEM12024A W5449
Apply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing engineering or related environment MEM30012A W5428
Perform engineering measurements MEM12023A W5492
Interact with computing technology MEM16008A W5452
Organise and communicate information MEM16006A W5451


Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Maintain suspension systems MEM18040B W5585
Use tools for precision work MEM18003C W5584
Diagnose and rectify drive line and final drives MEM18044C W5589
Maintain induction/exhaust systems MEM18032B W5577
Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components MEM18055B W5601
Diagnose and rectify low voltage starting systems MEM18031B W5576
Fault find/repair electrical equipment/components up to 1000 volts a.c./1500 volts d.c. MEM18046B W5591
Diagnose and maintain electronic controlling systems on mobile plant MEM18047B W5592
Fault find/repair electrical equipment/components up to 250 volts single phase supply MEM18045B W5590
Perform inspection MEM15004B W5534
Operate as a team member to conduct manufacturing, engineering or related activities MEM16005A W5547
Select and control inspection processes and procedures MEM15005B W5535
Perform fault diagnosis, installation and removal of bearings MEM18005B W5606
Perform installation and removal of mechanical seals MEM18012B W5555
Use hand tools MEM18001C W5563
Maintain engine lubrication systems MEM18028B W5572
Service combustion engines MEM18025B W5569
Maintain hydraulic system components MEM18020B W5564
Use power tools/hand held operations MEM18002B W5574
Perform levelling and alignment of machines and engineering components MEM18009B W5635
Perform jewellery enamelling MEM19015B W5641
Perform hand engraving MEM19014B W5640
Produce jewellery wax model MEM19012B W5638
Construct jewellery components MEM19016B W5642
Perform jewellery metal casting MEM19001B W5645
Diagnose and service micro-mechanisms MEM19021B W5647
Fault-find and maintain micro-mechanisms MEM19020B W5646
Fabricate jewellery items MEM19017B W5643
Perform wax injection of moulds for lost wax casting process MEM19011B W5637
Produce rubber moulds for lost wax casting process MEM19010B W5636
Service and repair domestic and light commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment MEM18087B W5623
Manufacture fluid conveying conductor assemblies MEM18072B W5619
Maintain instrumentation system components MEM18064B W5611
Balance equipment MEM18008B W5626
Maintain and repair industrial refrigeration systems and components MEM18090B W5627
Use improvement processes in team activities MEM15003B W5533
Manufacture cavity dies MEM18097A W5634
Maintain, repair/replace and adjust refrigerant flow controls and associated equipment MEM18096A W5633
Terminate signal and data cables MEM18063B W5610
Program coordinate measuring machines MEM12021B W5490
Participate in the management of the OHS information and data systems BSBOHS502A C7796
Modify and repair security equipment/system PRSTS319A S3831
Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACA Open Rule ICTTC137B W0591
Program security equipment/system PRSTS302A S3850
Test installed security equipment/system PRSTS303A S3867
Install pipework and pipework assemblies MEM10010B W5453
Maintain and service security equipment/system PRSTS307A S3819
Identify and diagnose electronic security equipment/ system fault PRSTS305A S3804
Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACA Restricted Rule ICTTC136B W0590
Provide estimate and quote PRSTS317A S3856
Licence to operate a forklift truck TLILIC2001A D5241
Mark off/out (general engineering) MEM12006C WA993
Perform geometric development MEM05037C WA646
Weld using gas tungsten arc welding process MEM05019D WA644
Licence to operate a vehicle loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above) TLILIC0012A D5240
Prepare to perform work associated with fuel system installation and servicing MEM18098A D7534
Produce moulds and cores by hand (jobbing) MEM04005C WA634
Carry out panel repairs AURVTN2002 WF485
Install machine/plant MEM10006B W5461
Undertake warehouse receival process MEM11013B W5468
Perform electrical/electronic measurement MEM12002B W5494
Program coordinate measuring machines (advanced) MEM12022B W5491
Prepare jewellery illustrations MEM19002B W5649
Perform emergency first aid MEM13001B W5503
Work safely with ionizing radiation MEM13013B W5501
Work safely with industrial chemicals and materials MEM13003B W5505
Work safely with molten metals/glass MEM13004B W5506
Undertake occupational health and safety activities in the workplace MEM13002B W5504
Use comparison and basic measuring devices MEM12001B W5488
Measure components using coordinate measuring machines MEM12019B W5487
Perform advanced operation of load shifting equipment MEM11021B W5477
Undertake tool store procedures MEM11019B W5474
Order materials MEM11016B W5471
Operate fixed/moveable load shifting equipment MEM11022B W5478
Erect/dismantle complex scaffolding and equipment MEM11002C W5479
Administer inventory procedures MEM11007B W5484
Perform production packaging MEM11006B W5483
Pick and process order MEM11005B W5482
Maintain water treatment systems for cooling towers MEM13007B W5508
Perform basic penetrant testing MEM24001B W5699
Set multistage integrated processes MEM07040A W5383
Perform machine setting (routine) MEM07003B W5382
Use workshop machines for basic operations MEM07032B W5378
Manually finish/polish materials MEM08010B W5390
Prepare surfaces using solvents and/or mechanical means MEM08011B W5391
Operate and control surface finishing waste treatment process MEM08008B W5407
Perform wire, jig and barrel load/unload work MEM08001B W5399
Apply protective coatings (advanced) MEM08015B W5395
Perform metal spinning lathe operations (complex) MEM07031C W5377
Perform metal spinning lathe operations (basic) MEM07030C W5376
Perform operational maintenance of machines/equipment MEM07001B W5364
Perform complex grinding operations MEM07012B W5357
Perform complex milling operations MEM07011B W5356
Operate and monitor machine/process MEM07024B W5369
Perform advanced machine/process operation MEM07025B W5370
Perform precision shaping/planing/slotting operations MEM07002B W5375
Perform routine sharpening/maintenance of production tools and cutters MEM07029B W5374
Operate computer controlled machines/processes MEM07028B W5373
Apply basic engineering design concepts MEM09011B W5410
Interpret and produce curved 3-dimensional shapes MEM09021B W5415
Produce composites using resin transfer moulding PMBPROD394B W7679
Produce composites using pre-pregs PMBPROD398B W7683
Produce composites using resin infusion PMBPROD391B W7676
Perform milling operations MEM07007C WA649
Perform general machining MEM07005C WA647
Perform lathe operations MEM07006C WA648
Repair and fit engineering components MEM18006C WA652
Perform grinding operations MEM07008D WA650
Install, service and repair domestic air conditioning and refrigeration appliances MEM18085A WA009
Commission and decommission split air conditioning systems MEM18084A W9921
Prepare basic engineering drawing MEM09003B W5419
Interpret technical drawing MEM09002B W5418
Create 2D code files using computer aided manufacturing system MEM09022A W5416
Perform basic engineering detail drafting MEM09005B W5421
Operate resin infusion moulding equipment PMBPROD291B W7605
Install split air conditioning systems and associated pipework MEM10013A WA007
Operate equipment using pre-preg material PMBPROD298B W7612
Operate resin transfer moulding equipment PMBPROD294B W7608
Perform basic incidental heat/quenching, tempering and annealing MEM06007B W5352
Carry out heat treatment MEM06003C W5348
Perform fitout procedures MEM25010B W5708
Perform basic radiographic testing MEM24009B W5707
Perform ultrasonic thickness testing MEM24007B W5705
Fair and shape surfaces MEM25004B W5717
Perform manual production assembly MEM03001B W5265
Rework and repair (electrical/electronic production) MEM03005B W5269
Perform electronic/electrical assembly (production) MEM03004B W5268
Perform precision assembly MEM03002B W5266
Perform basic eddy current testing MEM24005B W5703
Perform basic magnetic particle testing MEM24003B W5701
Perform gemstone setting MEM19007B W5654
Produce three-dimensional precision items MEM19005B W5652
Replace watch batteries MEM19006B W5653
Perform investment procedures for lost wax casting process MEM19009B W5656
Perform a site security survey MEM20014A W5661
Weld using gas metal arc welding process MEM05017D WA643
Gain entry and reinstate fire and security containers MEM20009A W5670
Gain entry MEM20004A W5665
Produce polymer patterns MEM04011B W5275
Assemble plated patterns MEM04012B W5276
Carry out mechanical cutting MEM05005B W5331
Select welding processes MEM05051A W5327
Perform routine gas metal arc welding MEM05050B W5326
Perform manual heating and thermal cutting MEM05007C W5333
Perform brazing and/or silver soldering MEM05006B W5332
Safely operate a mechanically powered recreational boat MEM50009B W5345
Follow work procedures to maintain the marine environment MEM50003B W5339
Perform advanced manual thermal cutting, gouging and shaping MEM05008C W5334
Perform routine oxy acetylene welding MEM05004C W5325
Perform soft soldering MEM05003B W5314
Perform refractory installation and repair MEM04019B W5283
Develop and manufacture precision models MEM04016C W5280
Develop and manufacture polystyrene patterns MEM04013B W5277
Operate melting furnaces MEM04001B W5284
Operate sand moulding and core making machines MEM04006B W5289
Perform manual soldering/desoldering - electrical/electronic components MEM05001B W5302
Perform manual production welding MEM05013C W5295
Perform routine manual metal arc welding MEM05012C W5294
Handle gem materials MEM19003B W5650
Perform internal/external customer service MEM16004B W5546
Perform electro-discharge (EDM) machining operations MEM07014B W5359
Perform drop and upset forging MEM06005B W5350
Undertake marine sheathing operations MEM25006B W5719
Perform machine setting (complex) MEM07004B W5384
Prepare surfaces by abrasive blasting (advanced) MEM08013B W5393
Operate pressure die casting machine MEM04003B W5286
Perform basic statistical quality control MEM15001B W5450
Handle and examine gemstone materials MEM19004B W5651
Install and test operations of marine auxiliary systems MEM25012B W5710
Diagnose and rectify track type undercarriage MEM18039B W5583
Perform general woodworking machine operations MEM04018B W5282
Electroplate engineering coatings MEM08018B W5397
Operate and monitor intermediate class boiler MEM07034A W5380
Perform advanced geometric development - cylindrical/rectangular MEM05038B W5312
Perform hand forging MEM06001B W5346
Package materials (stores and warehouse) MEM11008B W5485
Perform advanced warehouse computer operations MEM11020B W5476
Maintain and repair mechanical drives and mechanical transmission assemblies MEM18007B W5621
Fettle and trim metal castings/forgings MEM04008B W5291
Weld using powder flame spraying MEM05041B W5316
Weld using submerged arc welding process MEM05023C W5305
Perform advanced welding using oxy acetylene welding process MEM05022C W5304
Pour molten metal MEM04007B W5290
Maintain quality of environment by following marina codes MEM50004B W5340
Install refrigeration and air conditioning plant and equipment MEM10009B W5464
Perform engine top-end overhaul MEM18034B W5579
Perform engine bottom-end overhaul MEM18033B W5578
Install and upgrade locks and hardware MEM20003A W5664
Produce clear and/or coloured and/or sealed anodised films on aluminium MEM08006B W5405
Prepare and produce specialised coatings MEM08005B W5404
Maintain fluid power systems for mobile plant MEM18052B W5598
Produce keys MEM20001A W5662
Assemble and test lock mechanisms MEM20002A W5663
Analyse and evaluate OHS risk BSBOHS603A C7804
Perform marine slipping operations MEM25014B W5712
Perform tool and cutter grinding operations MEM07010B W5355
Hand forge complex shapes MEM06009A W5354
Assemble and install equipment and accessories/ancillaries MEM25015A W5713
Diagnose and rectify manual transmissions MEM18042C W5587
Repair/modify aircraft composite material structure/ components MEA405A W1151
Undertake warehouse dispatch process MEM11014B W5469
Install security equipment/system PRSTS202A S3813
Perform advanced welding using gas tungsten arc welding process MEM05020C W5303
Apply safe welding practices MEM05052A W5328
Overhaul engine fuel system components MEM18027C W5571
Select heat treatment processes and test finished product MEM06004B W5349
Maintain marine vessel surfaces MEM25007B W5720
Perform gland packing MEM18013B W5556
Develop and manufacture production patterns MEM04014B W5278
Develop and manufacture wood patterns MEM04010B W5274
Plan and prepare a masterkey system MEM20007A W5668
Diagnose and rectify low voltage electrical systems MEM18030B W5575
Collect and evaluate occupational health and safety data for an enterprise or section of an enterprise MEM13006B W5507
Maintain wheels and tyres MEM18038B W5582
Manufacture press tools and gauges MEM18014B W5557
Maintain and repair central air handling systems MEM18089B W5625
Prepare surfaces by abrasive blasting (basic) MEM08012B W5392
Construct and assemble marine vessel timber components MEM25005B W5718
Control blast coating by-products, materials and emissions MEM08016B W5396
Electroplate protective finishes MEM08019B W5398
Develop and manufacture gear, conveyor screw and propeller patterns MEM04017B W5281
Develop and manufacture vacuum forming moulds and associated equipment MEM04015B W5279
Form timber shapes using hot processes MEM25009B W5264
Perform advanced geometric development - transitions MEM05040B W5315
Test, recover, evacuate and charge refrigeration systems MEM18086B W5622
Test compression ignition fuel systems MEM18026C W5570
Set and operate coordinate measuring machines MEM12020B W5489
Organise and lead stocktakes MEM11017B W5472
Maintain/service analog/digital electronic equipment MEM18057B W5603
Diagnose and rectify automatic transmissions MEM18043C W5588
Perform advanced geometric development - conical MEM05039B W5313
Perform advanced welding using manual metal arc welding process MEM05016C W5298
Monitor quality of production welding/fabrications MEM05014C W5296
Terminate and connect specialist cables MEM10011B W5454
Erect structures MEM10001C W5456
Weld using manual metal arc welding process MEM05015D WA642
Tune diesel engines MEM18029B W5573
Handle/move bulk fluids/gases MEM11009B W5486
Maintain pneumatic system components MEM18018C W5561
Maintain steering systems MEM18041B W5586
Maintain and overhaul mechanical equipment MEM18004B W5595
Diagnose and rectify low voltage charging systems MEM18037B W5581
Diagnose and rectify braking systems MEM18035B W5580
Conduct formal interviews and negotiations MEM16002C W5544
Perform advanced press operations MEM07027B W5372
Perform advanced welding using flux core arc welding process MEM05048B W5323
Weld using flux core arc welding process MEM05047B W5322
Prepare and mix sand for metal moulding MEM04004B W5287
Undertake dogging MEM11004B W5481
Coordinate erection/dismantling of complex scaffolding/equipment MEM11003B W5480
Repair springs MEM06006C W5351
Make up solutions MEM08009C W5408
Set up marine vessel structures MEM25003B W5716
Perform machining operations using horizontal and/or vertical boring machines MEM07013B W5358
Apply protective coatings (basic) MEM08014B W5394
Enter and change programmable controller operational parameters MEM10004B W5459
Commission/decommission security equipment/system PRSTS304A S3775
Pre-treat work for subsequent surface coating MEM08002C W5401
Service and repair commercial refrigeration MEM18094B W5631
Service, test and adjust watch escapements MEM21013A D5466
Service mechanical chronograph watches MEM21014A D5467
Service and repair mechanical watch oscillating systems MEM21012A D5465
Service quartz watches MEM21006A D5477
Perform watch movement exchange MEM21002A D5455
Service complex quartz watches MEM21007A D5460
Apply fibre-reinforced materials MEM25001B W5714
Assemble fabricated components MEM05011D WA641
Apply fabrication, forming and shaping techniques MEM05010C WA640
Service calendar and other dial indication mechanisms for watches MEM21011A D5464
Perform precision watch timing and adjustment MEM21015A D5468
Service mechanical watches MEM21008A D5461
Replace watch batteries, capacitors and bands MEM21001A D5454
Inspect, diagnose, adjust and repair mechanical watches MEM21009A D5462
Service watch power generating systems MEM21010A D5463
Perform watch case servicing, repair and refurbishment MEM21003A D5456
Install and set up clocks MEM21016A D5469
Diagnose faults in quartz watches MEM21005A D5458
Clean watch and clock components MEM21004A D5457
Install marine systems MEM25011B W5709
Service and repair clock timepieces MEM21017A D5470
Perform sheet and plate assembly MEM03003B W5267
Develop OHS information and data analysis and reporting and recording processes BSBOHS602A C7803
Fault find and repair/rectify basic electrical circuits MEM18048B W5593
Hammer forge complex shapes MEM06008A W5353
Form and integrate fibre-reinforced structures MEM25002B W5715
Repair/replace/modify fabrications MEM05036C W5310
Perform gravity die casting MEM04002B W5285
Finish work using wet, dry and vapour deposition methods MEM08004B W5403
Maintain engine cooling systems MEM18024B W5568
Supervise occupational health and safety in an industrial work environment. MEM13010A W5500
Control surface finish production and finished product quality MEM08007B W5406
Set assembly stations MEM03006B W5270
Install and maintain door control devices/systems MEM20005A W5666
Perform advanced plastic processing MEM07026B W5371
Perform precision jig boring operations MEM07009B W5389
Erect/dismantle scaffolding and equipment MEM11001C W5475
Work safely on marine craft MEM50002B W5338
Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding MEM05049B W5324
Perform automated thermal cutting MEM05009C W5335
Set computer controlled machines/processes MEM07015B W5360
Connect/disconnect fluid conveying system components MEM18071B W5618
Maintain and repair commercial air conditioning systems and components MEM18088B W5624
Electroplate decorative finishes MEM08020B W5400
Perform electroplating operations MEM08003C W5402
Perform advanced welding using gas metal arc welding process MEM05018C W5300
Install and test electrical wiring and circuits up to 1000 volts a.c. and 1500 volts d.c. MEM10003B W5458
Organise and maintain warehouse stock receival and/or dispatch system MEM11018B W5473
Undertake manual handling MEM11011B W5466
Commission programmable controller programs MEM10005B W5460
Perform complex lathe operations MEM07021B W5366
Perform high reliability soldering and desoldering MEM05002B W5309
Gain entry and reinstate automotive locking systems MEM20010A W5657
Maintain tools and dies MEM18015B W5558
Maintain and repair cooling towers/evaporative condensers and associated equipment MEM18095A W5632
Purchase materials MEM11012B W5467
Terminate and connect electrical wiring MEM10002B W5457
Maintain and service mechanical locking devices MEM20006A W5667
Operate mobile load shifting equipment MEM11010B W5465
Develop a systematic approach to managing OHS BSBOHS601A C7802


Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Set and edit computer controlled thermal cutting machines MEM05053A W5329
Diagnose and repair digital equipment and components MEM18065B W5612
Perform pipe welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process MEM05045B W5320
Program NC/CNC machining centre MEM07019C W5363
Perform welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process MEM05046B W5321
Perform welds to code standards using flux core arc welding process MEM05042B W5317
Fault find, test and calibrate instrumentation systems and equipment MEM18054B W5600
Program CNC wire cut machines MEM07022C W5367
Shut down and isolate machines/equipment MEM18011C W5554
Write basic NC/CNC programs MEM07018C W5362
Write basic NC/CNC programs for thermal cutting machines MEM05054A W5330
Disconnect/reconnect fixed wired equipment over 1000 volts a.c./1500 volts d.c. MEM18050C WA654
Set and edit computer controlled machines/processes MEM07016C W5361
Perform welds to code standards using gas metal arc welding process MEM05043B W5318
Perform welds to code standards using gas tungsten arc welding process MEM05044B W5319
Maintain and repair commercial and/or industrial refrigeration and/or air conditioning controls MEM18092B W5629
Perform precision electrical/electronic measurement MEM12004B W5496
Program multiple spindle and/or multiple axis NC/CNC machining centre MEM07020C W5365
Perform precision mechanical measurement MEM12003B W5495
Install, maintain and calibrate instrumentation sensors, transmitters and final control elements MEM18062B W5609
Disconnect/reconnect fixed wired equipment up to 1000 volts a.c./1500 volts d.c. MEM18049C WA653
Apply welding principles MEM05026C WA645
Diagnose and repair analog equipment and components MEM18056B W5602


Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Analyse a simple electrical system circuit MEM30025A W5441
Calibrate measuring equipment MEM12005B W5497
Use and maintain reference standards MEM15017B W5525
Program and set up CNC manufacturing cell MEM07023C W5368
Perform laboratory procedures MEM15010B W5520
Exercise external quality assurance MEM15011B W5521
Develop and implement a masterkey system MEM20008A W5669
Investigate consumer complaints MEM15018B W5526
Perform radiographic testing MEM24010B W5696
Perform penetrant testing MEM24002B W5700
Perform magnetic particle testing MEM24004B W5702
Perform ultrasonic testing MEM24008B W5706
Perform eddy current testing MEM24006B W5704
Repair marine vessel surfaces and structures MEM25008B W5721
Establish non-destructive tests MEM24011B W5697
Perform electrical/electronic detail drafting MEM09004B W5420
Create 3D models using computer aided design system MEM09010C W5409
Perform advanced engineering detail drafting MEM09006B W5422
Perform advanced structural detail drafting MEM09008B W5424
Prepare jewellery designs MEM19008B W5655
Create 2D drawings using computer aided design system MEM09009C W5425
Perform welding/fabrication inspection MEM05025C W5307
Perform welding supervision MEM05024B W5306
Write reports MEM16010A W5538
Conduct audits of servicing licensees and public weighbridge licensees MEM15021C W5529
Analyse plant and equipment condition monitoring results MEM18016B W5559
Modify fluid power control systems MEM18053B W5599
Maintain, repair instrumentation process control analysers MEM18069B W5615
Conduct a field inspection MEM15019B W5527
Diagnose and repair microprocessor-based equipment MEM18066B W5613
Perform verification/certification or in-service inspection MEM15020C W5528
Maintain, repair control instrumentation - single and multiple loop control systems MEM18060B W5607
Undertake basic production scheduling MEM14003B W5511
Undertake commissioning procedures for plant and/or equipment MEM10008B W5463
Modify control systems MEM10007C W5462
Give formal presentations and take part in meetings MEM16001B W5543
Assist in development and deliver training in the workplace MEM17001B W5550
Modify fluid power system operation MEM18023B W5567
Maintain hydraulic systems MEM18021B W5565
Service automotive transponder systems MEM20013A W5660
Create 3D code files using computer aided manufacturing system MEM09023A W5417
Maintain pneumatic systems MEM18019B W5562
Modify complex electrical circuits and systems MEM18070C W5617
Maintain/supervise the application of quality procedures MEM15012B W5522
Perform advanced statistical quality control MEM15008B W5537
Perform advanced equipment testing and diagnostics on mobile plant and equipment MEM18073A W5620
Modify electronic systems MEM18059B W5605
Produce three-dimensional plugs/moulds MEM25013B W5711
Write programs for industrial robots MEM07039A W5381
Modify electronic equipment MEM18058C W5604
Undertake basic process planning MEM14002B W5510
Maintain/calibrate complex control systems MEM18061B W5608
Conduct product and/or process capability studies MEM15007B W5536
Examine trading practices MEM15015B W5523
Inspect pre-packed articles MEM15016B W5524
Modify mechanical systems and equipment MEM18017C W5560
Operate in a self-directed team MEM16013A W5541
Conduct workplace assessment MEM17002B W5551
Apply metallurgy principles MEM24012C WA639
Plan, set up and operate horological workshop or service centre MEM21023A D5476
Restore clockwork mechanisms MEM21021A D5474
Perform equipment condition monitoring and recording MEM18010C W5553
Fault find and repair/rectify complex electrical circuits MEM18051B W5597
Repair jewellery items MEM19018B W5644
Produce jewellery metal masters MEM19013B W5639
Maintain and repair multi stage, cascade and/or ultra-cold industrial refrigeration systems MEM18091B W5628
Tune control loops - multi controller or multi element systems MEM18067B W5614
Service and repair clock chiming mechanisms MEM21020A D5473
Service and repair clock striking mechanisms MEM21019A D5472
Schedule material deliveries MEM14001B W5509
Verify reference standards MEM15022B W5530
Maintain fluid power controls MEM18022B W5566
Service and repair mechanical automotive locking systems MEM20012A W5659
Service and repair fire and security containers MEM20011A W5658
Provide advanced customer service MEM16003B W5545
Perform advanced mechanical detail drafting MEM09007B W5423
Service clock escapements and oscillating systems MEM21018A D5471
Manufacture watch and clock components MEM21022A D5475
Maintain and repair integrated industrial refrigeration and/or large air handling system controls MEM18093B W5630
Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices MSAENV472B D3656
Perform precision micro-mechanism diagnosis and servicing MEM19022B W5648

If this course uses TAFE Admissions, to study full-time in 2017 apply through tasonline.tafe.wa.edu.au.

Part time enrolments are usually done in late January and mid June each year while online and continuous enrolment courses normally have enrolments available at any time, for help enrolling or for more information:

call: 1300 300 822 or email: enquiry@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

International students please contact www.tafeinternational.wa.edu.au.

For apprenticeships and traineeships, you must be employed in a training contract by an appropriate organisation to study.

For all other enquiries please call us on 1300 300 822 or email: enquiry@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Entrance Requirements

School Leaver Non-School Leaver AQF
Completion of WACE General or ATAR (Minimum C Grades) or equivalent Completion of WACE General or ATAR or equivalent (minimum C Grades) Certificate III


Course enquiry

Qualification level


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