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Certificate IV in Hospitality

National ID: SIT40416 | State ID: AZV8


Do you want a career that could take you all over the world?

When you complete the Certificate IV in Hospitality you'll be able to work as a hospitality supervisor or team leader. Job roles: bar supervisor, food and beverage manager, duty manager and concierge.

You will gain the knowledge and skills to work and supervise effectively in the hospitality industry, providing responsible service of alcohol, financial management, and enhanced customer service. You'll also learn how to manage workplace conflict, and comply with workplace health and safety.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

When you complete the Certificate IV in Hospitality you will be looking at an incredibly portable supervisor or team leading career in hospitality, as a bar supervisor, food and beverage manager, duty manager, or concierge.

Further study opportunities:

SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality

Course overview

Course details

Course Overview

Where Joondalup (Kendrew Crescent)
Northbridge Building 1

2 semesters (1 year) full time

How Full-Time
International Students
When Was available Semester 1, 2017
Available Semester 2, 2017

When you complete the Certificate IV in Hospitality you will be looking at an incredibly portable supervisor or team leading career in hospitality, as a bar supervisor, food and beverage manager, duty manager, or concierge.

Further study opportunities:

SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality

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Local full time students

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International Students

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Module Group Core Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Implement and monitor work health and safety practices SITXWHS003 AWQ15
Work effectively in hospitality service SITHIND004 AWR45
Manage diversity in the workplace BSBDIV501 AUL28
Enhance customer service experiences SITXCCS007 AWQ67
Lead and manage people SITXHRM003 AWQ43
Manage finances within a budget SITXFIN003 AWQ54
Monitor work operations SITXMGT001 AWQ26
Manage conflict SITXCOM005 AWQ63
Coach others in job skills SITXHRM001 AWQ45

Module Group Group A Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Use hygienic practices for food safety SITXFSA001 AWQ50
Use hygienic practice for hospitality service SITHIND001 AWR46

Module Group Group B Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Maintain hard floor surfaces CPPCLO2001A WC095
Clean window coverings CPPCLO3013A WC109
Provide gueridon service SITHFAB018 AWR72
Design and produce business documents BSBITU306 AUJ88
Deal Caribbean Stud games SITHGAM016 AWR54
Deal Poker games SITHGAM009 AWR61
Maintain carpeted floors CPPCLO2004A WC096
Provide table service of food and beverage SITHFAB014 AWR75
Clean ceiling surfaces and fittings CPPCLO2010A WC098
Wash furniture and fittings CPPCLO3016A WC111
Sort and remove waste and recyclable materials CPPCLO2019A WC101
Clean wet areas CPPCLO2017A WC100
Plan catering for events or functions SITHKOP006 AWR39
Respond to a customer in crisis SITXCRI001 AWQ61
Interpret financial information SITXFIN002 AWQ53
Provide event staging support SITEEVT004 AWS53
Provide for the safety of persons at risk CPPSEC3018A D1419
Conduct Rapid Roulette games SITHGAM011 AWR59
Clean glass surfaces CPPCLO2009A WC097
Provide club reception services SITXCCS005 AWQ70
Provide silver service SITHFAB015 AWR74
Conduct Keno games SITHGAM004 AWR65
Address protocol requirements SITXCOM004 AWQ62
Deal Blackjack games SITHGAM008 AWR64
Maintain financial records BSBFIA301 AUK66
Participate in safe food handling practices SITXFSA002 AWQ48
Use hygienic practices for food safety SITXFSA001 AWQ50
Provide responsible gambling services SITHGAM001 AWR67
Clean premises and equipment SITHACS001 AWS34
Provide visitor information SITXCCS002 AWQ73
Deal Mississippi Stud games SITHGAM018 AWR51
Provide responsible service of alcohol SITHFAB002 AWR87
Sell tourism products and services SITTTSL005 AWQ89
Access and interpret product information SITTTSL002 AWQ95
Conduct Rapid Baccarat games SITHGAM019 AWR52
Launder linen and guests clothes SITHACS004 AWS35
Use hygienic practice for hospitality service SITHIND001 AWR46
Process reservations SITTTSL007 AWQ93
Purchase goods SITXINV003 AWQ36
Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour CPPSEC2012A D1387
Clean and tidy bar areas SITHFAB001 AWR89
Operate a bar SITHFAB003 AWR86
Provide advice on food SITHFAB016 AWR76
Attend casino gaming machines SITHGAM015 AWR56
Conduct complex oral communication in a language other than English SITXLAN004 AWQ29
Provide lost and found services SITXCCS004 AWQ71
Prepare rooms for guests SITHACS003 AWS37
Participate in cooperative online marketing initiatives SITXMPR005 AWQ21
Deal Pontoon games SITHGAM010 AWR60
Maintain cleaning storage areas CPPCLO2035A WC103
Attend gaming machines SITHGAM002 AWR68
Process and monitor event registrations SITEEVT002 AWS56
Coordinate marketing activities SITXMPR004 AWQ22
Provide advice on beers, spirits and liqueurs SITHFAB011 AWR79
Plan and implement sales activities SITXMPR003 AWQ25
Conduct Rapid Big Wheel games SITHGAM020 AWR50
Plan in-house events or functions SITEEVT005 AWS52
Provide advice on Australian wines SITHFAB012 AWR77
Provide housekeeping services to guests SITHACS002 AWS31
Plan and monitor espresso coffee service SITHFAB019 AWR71
Provide accommodation reception services SITHACS008 AWS39
Prepare quotations SITTTSL006 AWQ90
Conduct Big Wheel games SITHGAM007 AWR62
Provide porter services SITHACS005 AWS40
Source and use information on the tourism and travel industry SITTIND001 AWR13
Source and use information on the hospitality industry SITHIND002 AWR47
Analyse and report on gaming machine data SITHGAM005 AWR66
Conduct Roulette games SITHGAM012 AWR55
Create and use databases BSBITU301 AUI28
Deal Casino War games SITHGAM017 AWR53
Provide advice on imported wines SITHFAB013 AWR78
Provide valet service SITHACS006 AWS36
Read and write information in a language other than English SITXLAN005 AWQ30
Control stock SITXINV004 AWQ35
Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices BSBSUS401 AWF71
Coordinate on-site event registrations SITEEVT003 AWS54
Deal Baccarat games SITHGAM006 AWR63
Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks SITXWHS002 AWQ16
Prepare and serve cocktails SITHFAB010 AWR80
Prepare and serve espresso coffee SITHFAB005 AWR85
Operate a TAB outlet SITHGAM003 AWR69
Deal Three Card Poker games SITHGAM021 AWR49
Provide first aid HLTAID003 WG732
Conduct a product tasting for alcoholic beverages SITHFAB009 AWR82
Maintain the quality of perishable items SITXINV002 AWQ38
Conduct Sic Bo games SITHGAM013 AWR58
Operate and monitor cellar systems SITHFAB008 AWR81
Transport and store food SITXFSA003 AWQ49
Conduct oral communication in a language other than English SITXLAN003 AWQ34
Provide advice on food and beverage matching SITHFAB017 AWR73
Create a promotional display or stand SITXMPR002 AWQ23
Use a computerised reservations or operations system SITTTSL010 AWQ85
Conduct night audit SITHACS007 AWS38
Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages SITHFAB004 AWR88
Prepare financial reports BSBFIA401 AUK70
Develop and use complex spreadsheets BSBITU402 AUH20
Coordinate production of brochures and marketing materials SITXMPR001 AWQ24
Source and use information on the events industry SITEEVT001 AWS55
Provide room service SITHFAB006 AWR84
Roster staff SITXHRM002 AWQ44
Use social media in a business SITXEBS001 AWQ57

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Entrance Requirements

School Leaver Non-School Leaver AQF
C Grades in Year 11 WACE General English, and OLNA or NAPLAN 9 Band 8 C Grades in Year 11 English and Maths or equivalent Certificate II or Certificate III


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