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Certificate III in Tourism

National ID: SIT30116 | State ID: AZV7


Gain the basic skills and knowledge to work in various tourism job roles. This certificate offers opportunities for both broad ranged tourism or specialist tourism areas including guiding, tourism, travel and onshore cruise operations.

A career in tourism can be extremely diverse. You could be out in the field helping visitors experience all the top holiday spots or creating tours that visitors will remember forever.

TAFE is the leading provider of travel and tourism studies in WA.

 This course can open up many different career opportunities for you including:

  • Coach tour company representative
  • Employment at theme parks and tourist attractions
  • Tourism/guest services at a hotel or resort
  • Visitor centre consultant
  • Tour operator reservation agent
  • Tourism customer service attendant

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

For information about jobs and pathways, please see joboutlook.gov.au

Course overview

Course details

Course Overview

Where Northbridge Building 1

6 months (1 semester) full time

How Full-Time
When Was available Semester 1, 2017
Available Semester 2, 2017

For information about jobs and pathways, please see joboutlook.gov.au

Further study opportunities:

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Local full time students

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International Students

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Module Group Core Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Participate in safe work practices AWQ17
Source and use information on the tourism and travel industry AWR13
Provide service to customers AWQ68
Show social and cultural sensitivity AWQ66

Module Group Group A Elective Units Tourism Office Operations

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Process travel-related documentation AWQ84
Operate online information systems AWQ94
Access and interpret product information AWQ95

Module Group Group B Elective Units Tourism Coordination

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Provide visitor information SITXCCS002 AWQ73
Prepare quotations AWQ90
Sell tourism products and services AWQ89
Provide advice on Australian destinations AWQ91
Book supplier products and services AWQ92
Use a computerised reservations or operations system AWQ85
Process reservations AWQ93

Module Group Group C Elective Units Tourism Delivery

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Load touring equipment and supplies AWR00
Prepare specialised interpretive content on marine environments AWR20
Provide customer information and assistance AWQ74
Carry out vehicle servicing and maintenance AWN31
Operate commercial vehicle AWN06
Operate a games location AWQ78
Develop and maintain the general and regional knowledge required by guides AWR21
Operate a ride location AWQ79
Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour CPPSEC2012A D1387
Load and unload a ride AWQ77
Prepare specialised interpretive content on flora, fauna and landscape SITTGDE008 AWR18
Lead tour groups AWR22
Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures SITTGDE007 AWR19
Clean premises and equipment AWS34
Operate coach/bus AWM91
Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks AWQ16
Fill LPG gas cylinders AWQ75
Provide lost and found services AWQ71
Provide outdoor catering AWQ99
Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities AWR23
Interpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous culture SITTGDE001 AWR26
Prepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments SITTGDE010 AWR16
Provide a briefing or scripted commentary AWQ64
Operate four wheel drive vehicle AWN02

Module Group Group D Elective Units Marine Tourism

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Prepare specialised interpretive content on marine environments AWR20
SCUBA dive in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres SISOSCB301A D6447
Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities AWR23
Perform diver rescues SISOSCB306A D6452
Guide a SCUBA dive SISOSCB308A D6454
Instruct SCUBA diving skills SISOSCB419A D6465

Module Group Group E General Electives

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Process financial transactions AWQ55
Receive and store stock AWQ39
Provide responsible service of alcohol AWR87
Provide responsible gambling services AWR67
Use hygienic practices for food safety AWQ50
Prepare and serve espresso coffee AWR85
Provide event staging support AWS53
Purchase goods AWQ36
Conduct a product tasting for alcoholic beverages AWR82
Maintain the quality of perishable items AWQ38
Attend gaming machines AWR68
Address protocol requirements SITXCOM004 AWQ62
Serve food and beverage AWR83
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices BSBSUS201 AUK77
Maintain financial records BSBFIA301 AUK66
Respond to a customer in crisis AWQ61
Attend casino gaming machines AWR56
Use social media in a business AWQ57
Coach others in job skills AWQ45
Process and monitor event registrations AWS56
Source and present information AWQ65
Design and produce business documents BSBITU306 AUJ88
Provide first aid in remote situations HLTAID005 WG734
Create and use databases BSBITU301 AUI28
Create and use spreadsheets BSBITU202 AUI53
Conduct basic oral communication in a language other than English AWQ32
Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages AWR88
Work effectively with others BSBWOR203 AUH64
Use hygienic practice for hospitality service AWR46
Provide first aid HLTAID003 WG732
Conduct routine oral communication in a language other than English AWQ33
Coordinate on-site event registrations AWS54

If this course uses TAFE Admissions, to study full-time in 2017 apply through tasonline.tafe.wa.edu.au.

Part time enrolments are usually done in late January and mid June each year while online and continuous enrolment courses normally have enrolments available at any time, for help enrolling or for more information:

call: 1300 300 822 or email: enquiry@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

International students please contact www.tafeinternational.wa.edu.au.

For apprenticeships and traineeships, you must be employed in a training contract by an appropriate organisation to study.

For all other enquiries please call us on 1300 300 822 or email: enquiry@nmtafe.wa.edu.au


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