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Certificate II in Printing and Graphic Arts

National ID: ICP20115 | State ID: AWB3


Printing and graphic arts is an exciting industry that can lead to all kinds of creative careers with further study. North Metro's Certificate II traineeship will provide you with hands on skills and a smooth entry into a printing and graphic arts job.

You will gain hands on skills producing art and layouts for production in print and electronic media. You must find work within a printing or graphic arts firm in order to complete the qualification where you'll have a range of specialist options to choose from.

A printing and graphic arts qualification from North Metro prepares you for an exciting graphic art career or the opportunity for further study. Employment prospects in this industry are good and you could find employment nationally. The on-the-job delivery of these courses also allows you to make your own industry contacts and networks, improving your employability.

Your Certificate II in Printing and Graphic Arts (General) prepares you for roles such as:

  • Graphic Pre-Press Tradesperson
  • Screen Printer

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

For information about jobs and pathways, please see joboutlook.gov.au

Course overview

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Course Overview

Where Northbridge Building 1

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How Traineeship
When This course is available for Semester 1, 2017.

For information about jobs and pathways, please see joboutlook.gov.au

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Local full time students

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International Students

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Module Group Core Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Maintain a safe work environment ICPSUP260 AUN93
Communicate in the workplace ICPSUP262 AUO62
Inspect quality against required standards ICPSUP216 AUO73
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices BSBSUS201 AUK77

Module Group Group A Converting, Binding and Finishing Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Set up machine for cutting (trimming) ICPCBF223 AUO47
Prepare for cutting forme and stripper making ICPCBF311 AUO67
Collate and insert mail manually ICPCBF203 AUN37
Set up machine for basic rotary cutting ICPCBF235 AUP40
Set up machine for basic flat-bed cutting ICPCBF231 AUO99
Set up machine for complex sequenced or multiple folding ICPCBF341 AUN42
Set up single-faced web ICPCBF214 AUP33
Produce basic flat-bed die cut or embossed product ICPCBF226 AUN71
Produce cut (trimmed) product ICPCBF224 AUO89
Run and monitor sack and bag machines ICPCBF298 AUO52
Produce basic adhesive, mechanical or thermal fastened product ICPCBF262 AUM82
Set up and produce hand-fastened product ICPCBF263 AUO59
Handline mail ICPCBF202 AUO48
Produce single-faced web ICPCBF305 AUM74
Set up and run machine for sewing ICPCBF211 AUO71
Set cutting forme and strippers ICPCBF312 AUN74
Clean sack and bag machines ICPCBF297 AUO84
Produce basic laminated product ICPCBF282 AUN94
Set up machine for basic adhesive, mechanical or thermal fastening ICPCBF261 AUP25
Produce basic collated or inserted (sheet/section) product ICPCBF244 AUM67
Produce basic rotary die cut or embossed product ICPCBF228 AUM62
Produce basic converted or finished product ICPCBF220 AUM56
Set up profile cutting for envelope manufacture ICPCBF294 AUM84
Set up machine for basic flat-bed die cutting or embossing ICPCBF225 AUN12
Set up machine for basic laminating ICPCBF281 AUO83
Set up machine for basic single or continuous folding ICPCBF241 AUM58
Set up machine for basic rotary die cutting or embossing ICPCBF227 AUP42
Operate addressing machine ICPCBF204 AUN52
Produce basic rotary cut product ICPCBF236 AUM83
Set up and produce basic guillotined product ICPCBF221 AUP21
Set up machine for basic collating or inserting (sheet/section) ICPCBF243 AUO34
Run and monitor in-line tube making machine for sack or bag manufacture ICPCBF300 AUM85
Produce basic flat-bed cut product ICPCBF232 AUO20
Operate in-line mail machine ICPCBF105 AUO02
Manually sort mail and parcels TLIA2041A D4893
Set up and operate a cheque mailer machine ICPCBF208 AUN58
Set up and produce hand-collated or inserted product ICPCBF245 AUO63
Produce basic folded and glued cartons ICPCBF218 AUN41
Produce basic single or continuous folded product ICPCBF242 AUP27
Consolidate mail TLIA2043A D4895
Set up and operate in-line mail machine ICPCBF209 AUN07
Produce double-faced web ICPCBF307 AUM80
Set up and operate in-line cutter ICPCBF222 AUO17
Operate computerised mail and parcels sorting equipment TLIW3006A D5379
Set up double-faced web ICPCBF216 AUO88
Stream mail TLIA2047A D4899

Module Group Group B Ink Manufacture Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Filter and pack product ICPINK251 AUO32
Manufacture inks and coatings ICPINK331 AUO50
Manufacture varnish and resin ICPINK335 AUP04
Blend chemicals ICPINK221 AUN34
Select and prepare materials for production ICPINK211 AUO37

Module Group Group C Digital Media Technologies

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Create and test an interactive CD-ROM/DVD ICPDMT296 AUN40
Access and use the internet ICPDMT263 AUM55
Edit a digital image ICPDMT322 AUO54
Create a markup language document to specification ICTWEB429 AUP99
Capture a digital image ICPDMT321 AUO86

Module Group Group D Prepress Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Proof images ICPPRP260 AUP15
Produce pages using a page layout application ICPPRP224 AUP32
Design basic carton ICPPRP281 AUO57
Photograph a line image ICPPRP223 AUN32
Produce PDF files for online or screen display ICPPRP284 AUN46
Produce offset lithographic plates ICPPRP267 AUN53
Scan images for reproduction ICPPRP286 AUP28
Produce gravure cylinders manually ICPPRP272 AUN99
Select and apply type ICPPRP221 AUM96
Make photopolymer plates (flexographic) ICPPRP268 AUO09
Prepare artwork for screen printing ICPPRP283 AUO87
Transfer digital files ICPPRP397 AUO28
Develop a basic design concept ICPPRP211 AUM59
Produce relief plates ICPPRP266 AUP22
Manually combine spot colour and basic four-colour images ICPPRP231 AUO19
Produce photopolymer plates for pad printing ICPPRP269 AUP05
Produce graphics using a graphics application ICPPRP225 AUO40
Output images ICPPRP252 AUM61
Electronically combine and assemble data ICPPRP232 AUO23
Digitise images for reproduction ICPPRP322 AUN83
Produce a typographic image ICPPRP321 AUN85
Operate a database for digital printing ICPPRP385 AUO80

Module Group Group E Printing Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Set up for foil stamping ICPPRN261 AUO14
Use digital media consumables ICPPRN283 AUN25
Set up for basic pad printing ICPPRN341 AUO72
Use digital processes ICPPRN287 AUN64
Set up for basic coating ICPPRN271 AUP35
Produce basic pad printed product ICPPRN242 AUN03
Mount and proof flexographic plates for basic printing ICPPRN211 AUP02
Produce basic coated product ICPPRN272 AUO25
Produce basic gravure printed product ICPPRN222 AUN27
Produce basic relief printed product ICPPRN288 AUN29
Use digital workflow ICPPRN285 AUP03
Produce and manage basic digital print ICPPRN282 AUO41
Set up for basic flexographic printing ICPPRN313 AUN19
Produce basic flexographic printed product ICPPRN214 AUO27
Finish a digital product ICPPRN286 AUO39
Produce foil stamped product ICPPRN262 AUN22
Produce basic lithographic printed product ICPPRN232 AUN01
Use colour management systems ICPPRN284 AUO44
Set up and produce basic digital print ICPPRN384 AUP31

Module Group Group F Screen Printing Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Reclaim screen manually ICPSCP311 AUN39
Prepare stencil using photographic indirect method ICPSCP235 AUO70
Finish screen print products ICPSCP281 AUP37
Prepare film for basic screen printing ICPSCP282 AUN67
Reclaim screen automatically ICPSCP211 AUO24
Prepare substrate ICPSCP221 AUN80
Prepare film for complex screen printing ICPSCP383 AUO04
Prepare and cut screen print substrate ICPSCP222 AUO51
Prepare screen ICPSCP215 AUO05
Automatically produce basic screen prints ICPSCP275 AUO91
Manually produce basic screen prints ICPSCP271 AUP24
Manually prepare direct emulsion stencil ICPSCP233 AUM95
Semi-automatically produce basic screen prints ICPSCP273 AUO26
Manually prepare and produce screen prints ICPSCP270 AUN87

Module Group Group G Support Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Operate and monitor machines (basic) ICPSUP208 AUO65
Use computer systems ICPSUP281 AUN98
Deliver and monitor a service to customers BSBCUS301 AUM29
Prepare ink and additives ICPSUP211 AUN66
Apply quick changeover procedures ICPSUP357 AUN43
Undertake inventory procedures ICPSUP342 AUM71
Undertake basic root cause analysis ICPSUP389 AUO00
Prepare and maintain the work area ICPSUP203 AUP36
Undertake warehouse or stores materials processing ICPSUP241 AUN16
Pack and dispatch solid waste ICPSUP222 AUN89
Shift loads mechanically ICPSUP236 AUN88
Follow WHS practices and identify environmental hazards ICPSUP261 AUN10
Provide basic instruction for a task ICPSUP271 AUO36
Undertake basic machine maintenance ICPSUP282 AUO78
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices MSAENV272B D3655
Run and monitor in-line bottom making machine for sack or bag manufacture ICPCBF301 AUN35
Perform basic industry calculations ICPSUP263 AUN78
Prepare, load and unload reels and cores on and off machine ICPSUP201 AUN55
Prepare coatings and adhesives ICPSUP212 AUO42
Apply competitive systems and practices MSS402001A WD496
Enter data into electronic system ICPSUP280 AUO85
Prepare, load and unload product on and off machine ICPSUP202 AUM65
Pack product ICPSUP120 AUM66
Prepare machine for operation (basic) ICPSUP207 AUM68
Apply cost factors to work practices MSS402030A WD501
Apply 5S procedures MSS402040A WD503
Sustain process improvements MSS402002A WD497
Manage the impact of change on own work MSS402010A WD498
Undertake root cause analysis MSS402080A WD511
Pack and dispatch product ICPSUP221 AUO90
Dispose of waste ICPSUP323 AUO43
Reconcile process outputs ICPSUP243 AUN76
Lift loads mechanically ICPSUP235 AUN18

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