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Associate Degree Of Visual Art

State ID: H413


This new degree program is designed to prepare you for professional practice as a contemporary artist.

You will study with a complete focus on art experience in the studio, with each stage progressively building on practical skills and theoretical knowledge in 2-dimensional (eg: painting, printmaking, drawing) and 3-dimensional (eg: sculpture, ceramics) art practice.

The course is taught in extensive purpose-built facilities at Perth Campus, offering the most in-depth and contemporary studio-based experience in WA.

This course can lead you to a career as an artist, craft/designer maker, media artist illustrator, painter, printmaker, sculptor.

It may see you working in art galleries, community arts projects, public art, art history and research, art criticism, art writing and journalism. With further study in education, you will be prepared for careers in art teaching.


Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

For information about jobs and pathways, please see joboutlook.gov.au

Course overview

Course details

Course Overview

Where Northbridge Building 5

2 years full time (4 semesters) or equivalent part time.

When Available Semester 2, 2017

For information about jobs and pathways, please see joboutlook.gov.au

Further study opportunities:

Local students

The cost of the course is $7000 per semester (full time rate). Fees quoted are applicable for the portion of training undertaken in 2016. 2017 fees will be increased by the CPI.

International students

Please contact TAFE International www.tafeinternational.wa.edu.au

Each semester, you will enrol in three (3) core units that will provide you with professional skills and knowledge and contextual studies.

You will also enrol in Studio Practice units offered each semester. A selection of electives will be offered, and applicants will enrol in two (2) electives per semester.

The table shows units to be selected depending on whether a student wishes to specialise in 2D Visual Art (Painting/Printmaking/Drawing/Media Arts) or 3D Visual Art (Sculpture/Ceramics).

First Year Second Year

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 1

Semester 2

Core Units

Art Theory 1.1
(12 credit points)

Visual Culture 1.1
(12 credit points)

Drawing 1.1
(16 credit points)

Art Theory 1.2
(12 credit points)

Visual Culture 1.2
(12 credit points)

Drawing 1.2
(16 credit points)

Professional Practice 2.1
(12 credit points)

Visual Culture 2.1
(12 credit points)

Drawing 2.1
(16 credit points)

Professional Practice 2.2
(12 credit points)

Visual Culture 2.2
(12 credit points)

Drawing 2.2
(16 credit points)

Specialist Practice Units

Visual Art 2D Studio 1.1
(16 credit points)

Visual Art 3D Studio 1.1
(16 credit points)

Visual Art 2D Studio 1.2
(16 credit points)

Visual Art 3D Studio 1.2
(16 credit points)

Visual Art 2D Studio 2.1
(32 credit points)

Visual Art 2D Studio 2.2
(32 credit points)

Selected Units

Selected units will be offered each semester.

Printmaking Relief
(14 credit points)

Ceramic Sculpture
(14 credit points)

Painting Technology
(14 credit points)

Media Arts
(14 credit points)

Drawing into Printmedia
(14 credit points)

Painting Genre
(14 credit points)

Sculpture Subtractive
(14 credit points)

Printmaking integrated (litho)
(14 credit points)

Painting Concepts
(14 credit points)

Drawing Mark Making
(14 credit points)

Field Project
(14 credit points)

Painting Inquiry
(14 credit points)

North Metropolitan TAFE is committed to ensuring that all international students have an enjoyable experience studying in Australia. Students are supported by a dedicated International Centre team who provide personal counselling, course advice, student support and many other services.

Fees, applications and enrolments for International Students are different to those for local students. International students must be enrolled in full time study on campus. For more information about courses, enrolment and course fees for international students:

TAFE International Western Australia,
Department of Training and Workforce Development - Customer Service Centre
Level 7, 3 Forrest Place, Perth WA 6000
Tel: +61 8 9218 2100
Fax: +61 8 9218 2160
Email: study.tiwa@dtwd.wa.gov.au
Web: www.tafeinternational.wa.edu.au


International Centre
North Metropolitan TAFE
30 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, Western Australia, 6003
Tel: +61 8 94271873
Fax: +61 8 9427 1992
Email: internationalstudy@nmtafe.wa.edu.au
Web: northmetrotafe.wa.edu.au

There are 2 stages to the entry and selection process for the Associate Degree of Design

  • In Part A, eligibility to enter is assessed
  • In Part B, eligible applicants are invited to attend an interview and to present a portfolio of work


Local Applicants

To enter the Associate Degree of Design, applicants must demonstrate academic performance by completing one of the following entry qualifications:

  • Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) or equivalent
  • a Certificate IV or higher in a related field of study
  • Mature Age entry with the State Training Admissions literacy test (Literacy Predictor Assessment Tool)

International Applicants

To enter the Associate Degree of Design, international applicants must demonstrate academic performance by:

  • Completion of one of the above entry qualifications or equivalent, and
  • IELTS Level 6


Eligible local and international applicants will be required to attend an interview and present a portfolio of work that includes a maximum of ten (10) examples of the applicant's recent art/design works in two or more media or art/design processes.

English language support services for international students: student LLN is assessed in the early stages of enrolment to determine if further support is required.

Literacy tutors offer additional support to students who require it, including one-to-one advice and counsel regarding addressing requirements for specific projects and assignments, in addition to customised exercises to address individual gaps or needs.


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