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BYOD - Bring your own device

The challenge for North Metropolitan TAFE is to be innovative and inspiring in our course design, teaching and learning.
A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trial across a number of courses will provide the opportunity for you to enter a new world of curriculum possibilities with increased engagement and involvement in your learning. 

Your course has been selected to be a part of the BYOD trial. The intent is to provide you with anywhere, anytime inclusive and engaging learning.
In this way, you'll learn to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary to be engaged as 21st century global citizens. 
There are many demonstrated benefits from having a BYOD strategy:

 •    Opportunities for more personalised learning where you can excel at your own pace.
 •    You're already familiar and comfortable using your own technology so you can focus on actually learning. 
 •    Your mobile devices are probaly more cutting-edge, so we can concentrate on staying up-to-date with back-end infrastructure.
 •    There are many educational apps for you to use to extend your learning.
 •    Learning experiences in the BYOD courses are purposefully designed to take advantage of the use of mobile devices and develop the attributes of life-long learners.

So what does this mean for you?
You are required to attend classes with an existing mobile device, ideally something no older than five (5) years.
This could be a Windows laptop, MacBook, iPad, mobile phone or tablet; as long as it can access and save documents in the MicroSoft Office formats.
Note Blackboard cannot open documents saved an a Mac format, such as Pages
Your device will need WIFI capability to connect to our networks and services (software, online text books etc).
Device recommendations
For Diploma of Mechanical/Mechatronics (Stage 1) students
It is recommended as a minimum to have a laptop with Microsoft Office access and internet connectivity capabilities. 
Note Specialist classes like drafting will be conducted in the college computer labs and will not require students to bring their own device.
Students purchasing a brand new computer might want to consider the below specs which is recommended for working on drafting assignments from home. 
     Windows 7 + 8.1,10 
     64 Bit with 4 or more cores
     Dedicated graphics card for CAD To display 3D generated images ( 1400x1080 resolution or higher)
     RAM: 16GB or more
     Hard disk: SSD - 10GB free space  Required to install
     Intel i7 Processor
What if I don’t own a Device?
Dependent on demand, you can borrow a Chromebook for up to four weeks, so we strongly encourage you to purchase your own device.
However, if you don’t have a device, you will be able to loan a Chromebook from the library.
To borrow a Chromebook on the East Perth and McLarty campuses where there are no libraries: 
  •    East Perth – please see the technicians in the Surveying storeroom (B105)
  •    McLarty – please see your lecturer who has access to spare Chromebooks.
Acceptable Use Policy
North Metropolitan TAFE provides students with the following information and technology (IT) services for learning and research purposes, during their enrolled unit, course or pathway of study: 

  •    Access to computer software and equipment;
  •    Access to wireless (low speed) and wired (high speed) communications services
  •    Access to the Internet.

In using these services, all students have a right to be treated fairly and have an obligation to act responsibly.  All students using North Metropolitan TAFE IT services are required to comply with the guidelines for acceptable use stated in this policy.  

The Acceptable Use of IT Services (Students) Policy and The Student Code of Conduct can be found on our Policies and Responsibilities page.

Are my Fees higher for participating in the BYOD Initiative?
No, your fees remain the same.
Further questions?
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to your relevant Head of Programs.


BYOD trial — Courses

Study area | Course Campus Study discipline
Diploma of Music Industry (Business) Leederville Music skills
Certificate IV in Allied Health Joondalup (McLarty Ave) Health
Diploma of Mechanical/Mechatronics (Stage 1) Northbridge STEM/Engineering
Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking) East Perth Networking


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